Monday, 25 June 2007

A glimpse into Our Future

If you want to see what Our Future is to be under Islam then look at this video from Sweden. Look and learn and if you still cannot see the danger, then you are either blind or a part of the problem.

Frightening wasn't it? So who is going to do the fighting in your family? You? Or are you going to leave it to your children? Swallow the Red Pill. Wake up and see the real truth.

Join the resistance. Join the British National Party and stand in line with the real men and women of Our Country. The BNP members and supporters.

Hat Tip: Aberdeen BNP


Anonymous said...

Green I was wondering why cant our governments tell our adults to have more children. Saying that a slight decrease in population would have been a good thing. This video is one of the most clear warnings we could ever have. I cant believe the people of Britain want this for their children.
Where their daughters are just seen as fit to be abused by Muslims.
Where is the British fighting spirit.

Anonymous said...

War is on our doorstep folks. WAKE UP.!

Anonymous said...

There's no point in this government telling the local indigenous population to have more kids.

It would take too long.

In countries where there is next to nothing in the way of provision for old age, the only solution is fifteen kids to make sure some survive to look after you. And when all fifteen are brought across as immigrants .....

I know of only one individual who has matched that output. And that's because there is no cable tv in ross-on-wye.

Anonymous said...

Strange how the Scandinavian nations differ. The Swedes are absolute brown-nosed dhimmis, but the Danes are showing some true Viking spirit by ritually burning Mohammed at mid-summer to expel evil from the land :

Too late for British Nationalists to adopt the custom this year, unless we do it for 5th November.

Maybe we could put a Mo mask on the Guy with a few bangers in his turban and a roman candle for his dick.