Thursday, 21 June 2007

This is what the turnips have been waiting for

Pakistan needs Our Foreign aid for humanitarian purposes

The Turnips are over the moon. They now have something that all 1.5 billion of them can start screaming about again. Well done Salman Rushdie. The man deserves a Knighthood for bonding the turnips world wide.

Now they have the excuse to start burning flags, murdering people and in general just carrying out the usual acts that devotees of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile are required to do by their Terrorists Handbook known as the Koran.

Now Malaysia has entered the fray with not just the usual threats to old Salman head Rushdie but but also threatening Our Country to retract his honour or risk the consequences. Bring it on I say. Let us have done with these people once and for all.

Of course having Traitors within our midst does Our Country no good when we get people like Lord Ahmed of Rotherham telling the Daily Telegraph;

''I would urge and plead with all Muslims around the world to remain calm." But he warned that honouring the author put "Her Majesty the Queen in a very difficult position" as head of the Church of England as The Satanic Verses had offended Christianity as well as Islam
". Rubbish. The man is either a fool or a liar!

No wonder Islamic Countries are so poverty struck. The people have no time for work because of their religious duties. Smelling each others behinds five times a day, burning at least two flags a day, at least one stoning, then the street parties where they all get to bond by smacking their own heads and their children's untill the blood flows whilst screaming that their God is Great. A great what? Steaming Psychopath.

Then I reread the article and saw that the same dishonourable Lord had also said that Moslem British (never) businesses were organising a nationwide shutdown in protest over the Knighthood....Great idea. Why not close them for good.

I then thought that perhaps it was time that the True British People organised a protest of their own. A boycott of anything that is imported from Pakistan and so trotted of to see what their exports to Our Country are. Very few I am afraid.

It seems that the only major export from Pakistan to Our Country is people. Diseased people and mentally sick people cursed with the disease of the Dead Paedophile. Only people. So let us stop importing them and start making more of our own again.

I am also curious as to why Britain is giving that exporter of evil, country, £480 million pounds a year in foreign aid when True Brits are denied medical treatment that would prevent them going blind, etc. Then again, perhaps Pakistans humanitarian needs are greater.

The British National Party would stop that aid within 24 hours of forming a Government. Be a member of the Resistance. Be a BNP member.


Anonymous said...

Another good post GA, how do find the time and energy?

Why is Britain giving that exporter of evil £480 million pounds a year in foreign aid?

I think that foreign aid to our chanting "death and destruction" friends around the world is a substitute phrase for Dhimmi Tax. Take a look at the millions that are pumped into the cult followers countrys as aid and you get the picture.

All this pandering to the lunatic cult is a self destruct exercise. The muslims hate the kaffir and hate his weakness in the form of appeasment, therefore more legitimacy is given to their acts of violence upon us. The more we give them the more violence will be visited upon us.
The only thing they understand, preach and glory in, is violence and aggression.
The one thing they and their dhimmi political slaves fear, in this country, is the rise of the BNP.

The law of history shows that a weak people can defeat a strong, a small nation can defeat a big. The people of a small country can certainly defeat aggression , if only they dare to rise in struggle, dare to take up arms and grasp in their own hands the destiny of their country.

Taking up arms does not need to mean weapons that inflict wounds or death. Arms in the form of the thinking that enough is enough. Enough appeasement, enough brainwashing our kids, enough bleeding ourselves to death with the human rights act, a wonderful weapon handed on a platter to the muslim. ENOUGH.
Take up the pen, the most powerful weapon we possess and write to your MP, council, church, school etc and tell them enough is enough.
Enough, join the BNP and join the fight for OUR country, OUR survival.


The Green Arrow said...

Some good stuff there Harry. We must wake our fellow True Brits up. With regards to our "Foreign Aid". The Moslems do not see it that way. To them it is a tribute (jizya) that is to be paid by non Moslems for their protection (not murdered) by their Moslem masters.

The energy comes from knowing that we must fight, fight and fight until our last gasp or lose Our Country.

That said I must go and do my studying.

Celtic Morning said...

Powerful stuff again GA , how do you continue to do it ? By all means continue your studies if you must but never let this site go even if it means burning the candle at both ends and in the middle . You give hope and encouragement to all who read you and you strengthen our resolve so please keep it going . I dont see any slacking off yet !!! Have you put your books away ? Must go now , have a whole day of unremitting grind in front of me .

Felicity said...

Reminds me of Aesops fables and the story of the frog and the scorpion.
During a sudden flood the scorpion finds himself stranded so he asks the frog to help him.
"Take me on your back to the nearest dry land" says the scorpion.
The frog replies "No for you will sting me"
"I wont" says the scorpion, "That would be foolish because then we would both drown"
The frog agrees and the scorpion jumps on his back. As they near the middle of the river the scorpion stings the frog.
"why did you do that, now we both die" gasps the frog.
"because" says the scorpion, "It is my nature"

Old Aesop knew a thing or two about the nature of beasts. Our leaders should be so wise.