Saturday, 2 June 2007

Happy Meals not Halal Meals

To: Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonalds UK

We, the undersigned, call upon Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonalds UK to immediately cease the use of halal products in McDonald’s outlets and franchises throughout the United Kingdom.

Whilst we recognize that for a great many British citizens, rules for the preparation of food is defined by religious belief, halal is a deeply offensive method of slaughter to the majority of British citizens. We, the undersigned, would like to take this opportunity to call to Mr. Easterbrook’s attention that the preparation of an animal destined for the halal plate is cruel, causes the animal undue distress and suffering and has been decried by such notable bodies as the RSPCA, PeTA, the British Farmer’s Union, Compassion in World Farming and Viva. In addition, the Government’s own advisory body, the Farm Animal Welfare Council, has recently called for the banning of religious slaughter.

Western law states that an animal must be stunned before slaughter; the halal animal has its throat slit whilst fully conscious and alert with no pre-stunning whatsoever. It is then left to die from slow, disorientating exsanguination. It is claimed that because an animal does not cry out when subjected to this method, that it does not feel pain. One would think that the lack of audible protest is more likely due to the fact that the vocal chords have been severed, rendering the animal physically unable to cry out.

Whilst we recognize the freedom of religious expression, we, the undersigned, feel it deeply offensive and immoral to patronize an establishment which openly condones such blatant animal cruelty. We, the undersigned, find it impossible to enjoy McDonalds fare whilst wondering if the person seated opposite us is eating meat that has been slaughtered in a manner unacceptable to the majority of the public. McDonalds provide several dietary choices for those who feel it unacceptable to eat humanely slaughtered meat and we would call upon McDonalds to offer those dishes to such people as a suitable alternative.

We, the undersigned, hereby pledge that we will not be giving our patronage to McDonalds again until we have an affirmation that the sale of halal products has been suspended.


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hat tip odinsdaughter


Anonymous said...

Brilliant as always GA.

Ive listed two clips from Peta Tv.

First video link is for halal meat production in the US. The kind of thing MuckDonals seem to be making big money out of.

Most of us in the UK are animal lovers, we have dogs and cats, they are part of the family. We hurt when they hurt and we mourn their passing away as we would a relative.

The next clip, from China where they dont have the same love for animals as we in the west do, will make you throw up.
After viewing the videos make a donation to Peta, just Google Peta and the world sites are listed.

Animals have feelings too.


Celtic Morning said...

I would urge readers NOT to give money to PETA simply as a means of protest against Halal . DONT donate under any circumstances .They are cranks who value even the life of a rat or an insect above that of a human . They are well known for terror activity in the USA where they protest violently and advocate extreme methods to attain their aims . One of their officials once famously stated that if there were only room for one more in a life boat and he had to choose between an animal and a handicapped child , he would chose the animal . Support such nutters ? I think not . In their "love " of animals , they do not hesitate to harm humans . Dont touch them with a barge pole . We have enough to do opposing the cranks and fanatics of Islam , dont encourage another bunch of half wit , moronic , idiot nutters . If you want to donate to a worth while charity, send your money to St.Dunstans or the British Legion so they can support those who gave , and continue to give ,so much for us . And if you still have some spare cash , send it to the BNP .Beware of many of the Animal Charities , some are profit making organisations like IFAW , where the head honcho , an ex Rhondda man , retired to the millionare life style of his USA spread , or like the Donkey sanctuary people who live in luxury off peoples emotions , while others are simply political campaigners who divert money away from the animal welfare it was donated to promote . Great idea , this petition , lets get it publicised , its important that we make Big Mac withdraw their support for Halal . It will discourage others from following suit .