Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Mad as Gibraltar Rock Apes

Partially clothed Moslem Bee Keepers

I don't know how I missed these first time around. Must have been busy being outraged about something else. But this time I am not outraged. The Cult of the Dead Paedophile can provide hours of entertainment on a night when one has difficulty in sleeping.

Take the increase in Fatwas (A cult ruling from one of the zombie leaders). Government appointed arbiters of Islamic standards say that there are too many fatwas being made and it is difficult to keep track of them.

Although how one could forget the Drinking the Urine of the Prophet Muhammad (mhrih) is beyond me. I also quite liked the one where the Daleks of Death, could get around the restriction on unmarried men and women being together if the woman breast fed her male colleagues five times. That should go down a treat with the boys at S.G. Warburgs. Not even Timothy Leary could have come up with this kind of stuff on his wildest trips on LSD.

However, out in Egypt they are a bit miffed that we in the West find their craziness amusing and are now saying that these two Fatwas are bad for the Islamic reputation. Could their reputation get any worse? I also suspect drinking Camel Urine after slurping your co-workers milk may possibly upset the stomaches of those who have never served in our armed forces.

But whilst we laugh, for those who are living in a country ruled by the Mad Moslems, it is a matter of life and death. The official institutions can issue the Death Sentence on those who break a Fatwa.

As well as how to eat Zebras and Masturbate there are Fatwas on things such as,
  • Should ancient statues be destroyed or preserved?
  • Should women be allowed to drive, to work, to travel without permission of men?
  • Can boys and girls attend school together?
  • Is it permissible to buy insurance,
  • to wear a sports jersey with a cross design,
  • to shake hands with a non-Muslim,
  • to take pictures, to view family photographs?

All of these have been addressed in Fatwas. So brain washed or brain dead are the zombie followers of the Dead Paedophile who can no longer think or wish to think for themselves.

Anyhow, in my travels I also found this site with some really funny and not so funny cartoons and images. Check it out here.

And last snippet. Kuwait, who gave women the vote in 2006 seems to be stepping back in time to regress to the level of the other ding bat Islamic Countries and has just announced a ban on women working in the evenings and nights.


Helena said...

Mockery will destroy Islam, and lets face it....they deserve mockery. Syill building sandcastles when the rest of the world was inventing cures for diseases not involving sleeping with goats(as long as you murder it immediately after raping it..sound familiar?) eating a fly because one wing is poison.......but the other is the antidote and watching the sunset and bickering with each other which muddy puddle its setting in, then killing the guy who disagrees.
They've gone beyond crazy, the world knows it and thoise not hiding from these psychopaths are creasing themselves laughing.

Anonymous said...

Youve gotta laff, Muhammad had a good sense of fun, he took the piss at them taking the piss!

Good T shirt logo that.
Figure of Mo saying "You can take the piss out of me any time, and you get to keep your head!"

Ga, you need to get a mock up of that on your blog because Helena is correct in that mockery will destroy them. Remember how you felt when all the kids at school laughed at you?
Laughter the antidote to islam.

Anonymous said...


You should use some of this stuff GA, but beware of emmitting loud snorts of laughter!
Its the official website of Mo PBUM and does it rip the piss or doesn't it!
Harry Gow..go have a swatch and spread it about especially the burkha bits and the "Dress up Mo" game.
Hours of fun for the kids!

bernie said...

I linked to your article from A Fatwa to Die For