Saturday, 30 June 2007

What is democracy?

How do bloggers choose what to write about when there is so much ammunition out there to use? Well I cannot speak for others, but in my case a subject pops into my head and my thoughts must out.

The thought that as prompted this post is a result of a comment I read the other day made by, I believe a Danish politician. You must take my word for what I write as I do not have the time or inclination to go searching for the link. The thought was. What is democracy?

Well this Danish Dhimmi said that if Muslims became the majority in his country and then they voted in Sharia Law, then that would be right as it was democracy in action.

Now that comment is what is troubling me. Is this to be the future. One Man, One Vote, Once?

If a majority votes for something evil, then that does not make it good. No more than the Moslems repeating that 1.5 billion turnips cannot be wrong. If 99% of the entire world were to say that 2 + 2 = 3 the truth would still remain that 2 + 2 = 4.

And here we are on very thin ice. Because if we say that we must outlaw Islam as being a political terrorist organisation that does not respect democracy, then the Government could use the same weapon in a lie against the True Brits of the British National Party.

The problem seems to be, to me at least, that democracy can only work with a certain type of person. A person who believes in noble causes and democratic principles and the truth. If other people are driven by evil intentions from whatever cause or so called religion then they will use Our Tolerance and Our Democratic ways to destroy us by electing evil leaders who will then destroy our democracy and way of life.

And so where does tolerance and love of free speech lead us. Why to Kosovo of course. Where else would this post have been going. That is what I must write about next.

The British National Party is the only political party that truly believes in Freedom of Speech, true tolerance and democracy. Be one of the elite. Be a member of the BNP.


Anonymous said...

Now that's an interesting change in three years.

Look what the danes said in 2004

November 26, 2004
Denmark: Parliamentarians in sharia-law dilemma

Now this is getting interesting. How will these Muslims who condemn stoning and amputation make and enforce the distinction between those elements of Sharia and others that are more benign? From the Copenhagen Post via Jyllands-Posten, with thanks to Filtrat:

On Monday, Social Democratic immigration spokeswoman Anne-Marie Meldgaard issued an ultimatum to Muslim party members, demanding that they condemn sharia in order to remain in the party.

Celtic Morning said...

GA , the same comment was made by a Dutch politician and both countries , with small populations , can expect to become Muslim states in the not-too-distant future . How long will it be before a British politician makes the same observation ? After all , democracy IS supposed to be one man one vote and in the end they WILL outvote us ( It will only take about fifty years ) Even now , though outnumbered , they queue to vote while our playboys cant be bothered . And by then many of the other European countries will have fallen - unless western civilization quickly wakes up and takes steps to turn it all around . I dont fear the terrorists though they bring carnage with them for it is their actions which will be likely to wake us up . I fear the creeping , fairly silent mass of Islam who are filling our maternity wards and our schools for it is they who , by sheer weight of numbers , with the aid of " our sense of fair play and tolerance " have the capability of taking our own country away from us .One of the militants spoke words that put great fear into me when he said " The black flag of Islam will fly over Dowing Street . " Those words should have been a wake up call to the whole of Sheepland but unfortunately , we still sleep on , dozing away into potential oblivion .For God's sake , what will it take to wake up the nation , or rather , the continent of Europe . It will probably all start with this little island . We have saved Europe many times over the centuries . The threat , and the task which lies ahead of us now is greater than we ever faced . Will the present generation be up to it ?

Nikola said...

Yes that's why I've always had a problem with the way the word 'democracy' is banded around as the ultimate modern day virtue. The majority cannot be right for no other reason than that they are the majority. It's analogous to that argument that seeks to establish somethings superiority for no other reason than that it is a 'modern' idea. As if all present idea's and societal norms are superior to past ones simply because they are more recent.