Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Crocodile Tears adding to the flood.

Now I do not know who or what the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, Department of Institutional reform are when they are about. But they want to give a pat on the back to the turnips in the United Kingdom Islamic Mission for urging imams to make special prayers for those who have died as a result of the recent floods.

The Department Head further stated about the Mosques, "The UKIM should stand proud for what it has asked British Mosques do to. This is the first time ever in the history of British mosques that an organisation with over 60 branches has asked its Institutions to open their doors to those who are suffering."

Big pat on the back for a big deal nothing. So they asked the Mosques to help? Help who? Themselves?

Just a publicity stunt. They do not care how many True Brits die. To them we are less than human. But now they can say they offered help. No thanks.

Swallow the Red Pill. Wake up. Get real. Join British National Party. Save Country. Have a pat on back. Now thats doing something for others.

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ayatollah khomeini said...

I note with concern the problems in Lancashire where there is some doubt about the halal nature of the meat being supplied to the county's schools by Blackpool-based Clifton Meats:

Apparently, one of our brothers is worried that "There is not enough known about the origins of the meat and the fact that it has been checked by the HFA is not good enough."

The concept of halal is central to the Islamic religion. In relation to food it means that the meat has been blessed and killed in accordance with Islamic law.

Mr Mulla said there would be widespread anger in the Muslim comunity if it was discovered meat which was supplied to schools was not halal.

He suggested that the suppliers in New Zealand were Christians and that might also be a reason for the protest.

Leader of Lancashire County Council Hazel Harding said: "This is a situation that is being taken very seriously and hopefully this issue can be resolved quickly."

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said it was "vitally important that the LCM was satisfied with the certification of halal meat used in school meals"

May I suggest a simple solution to the problem:

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