Wednesday, 6 June 2007

So who has Green Arrow upset apart from Shambo?

Well I fully expected the attacks and threats from the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and I consider it a great honour to be mentioned on their lie site.
A site that is dedicated to concealing the truth about the evilness of their Cult and the evilness of the people who perpetuate it. Being on their Fataworthy list means I am doing my self appointed job of being another alarm bell to Our Country.

I also half expected an attack by the Hindu Community (more about that later), when I suggested it would be better for the health of our children were Shambo their sacred T.B. infected cow to wind up in a tin of corn beef. Now according to this other Religion of Peace that is prepared to wage war over a walking oxo cube, has linked me as a White Supremacist site.

What I did not expect was to be attacked by fellow British Nationalists for speaking in defence of the Chairman of the British National Party.

Well it seem that a blog, dedicated to the destruction of the British National Party and the hopes of all True Brit Nationalists is so disappointed in my posts, that they have made me the winner of their weekly 'Toilet Award'. Thanks guys. Another great honour.

Moslems, Hindus, Sacred Cows, Fancy Dressers. Green Arrow upsets them all.

Now for Shambo. Yep. Shambo is still living the life of luxury in his five star hotel, despite the fact that he should have been killed over two weeks ago.

Now it seems from information that I have gathered, is that the Hindus are lieing when they say that Shambo cannot be allowed to die according to the rules of their religion.

Meanwhile this is what the farmers are saying. Can't blame them.

One contributor, Mr Peter Wells, over on another farming site had this to say:

“If this were a pet Jersey cow kept in a small herd by an ethnically traditional English farmer, the place would be swarming with Trading Standards officers, animal health bureaucrats, court officials, police and bailiffs, all eager to carry out DEFRA’s edicts on slaughter and disposal.

Thats for sure. And any white child or person who tried to stop them, would be fuller of holes then someone living on top of a mountain and holding a baby on Ruby Ridge.

Now what was I saying about the Hindus lieing. Aahh yes. When I found the page that called the Green Arrow a White something or other, I also found these little gems.

"If there is even the slightest risk of the disease spreading to other animals or even humans, then the way forward would be to put down the animal. Life of the bull is sacred but so is the life of other livestock or humans who may (even accidentally) come in contact with this bull. Hindu religion places great deal of emphasis on the importance of using our rational faculties when deciding on religious issues."
Source: Dilip Lakhani, founder and director of Vivekananda Centre UK (foremost Hindu education expert in the UK)

"If, however every other treatment alternative has been exhausted and the health hazard still remains substantial, then we call upon the Hindu community to reflect on the message of Bhagavad-Gita to detach themselves from their emotions and be objective about the situation, and think about the greater good of society."
Source: Hindu Human Rights.

Another report that I am sorry I have lost the link for is that the "Hindus" who are making the most fuss are the white converts to the religion who make up the most numbers at the Temple.

Well there you go. Shambo is still alive and surrounded by white fruit bats, the Moslems still hate everybody and Green Arrow still despairs. All is well with the World.

The British National Party - Vet, Doctor and Hope.


Anonymous said...

Had a look at the challenge site GA, I dont know what is truth or not over there.
Looks like some one is going down the pan for sure.
All sounds like the love of money being the root of all evil to me.
Ah well.
Harry Gow.

The Green Arrow said...

Bit of a mess isn't it Harry.

The B.N.P. can do without this nonsense. Better the BNP has a clean out now than just before the next major elections campaign.

British National Party member said...

Its a site designed to stir trouble. Some of the posts are direct or almost direct copies of posts at far left sites, and many of the posts have material from sites who's authors have left anti BNP messages on our blogs in the recent past.

I can certainly say that you weren't attacked by 'fellow British nationalists'. The post they attacked was a good post, which is why it was picked up on by them.


Anonymous said...

You're famous!

Just had a look at the site run by so-called British Nationalists, I won't bother again! I would guess it's run by Searchlies or liebour.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

All sounds like BNP has gotten too big and powerful for some people and operation Kill BNP is being enacted.
Sorry to have to say but the dirty tricks brigade wont win, go back to the rock you crawled form under.

johnofgwent said...

GA I guess you've just been promoted to the big league after all. Why else would THEY worry about what YOU'RE saying.

youdontknowme said...

You know your oing something right when you are criticised by the islamic loonies, horrible hindus and BNP agitators. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

MUSLIM...that is how it is spelled

Anonymous said...

But MOZLEM is how it is pronounced to get at the root and true meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

"Mohammedan" is the correct word to use as they are followers of the teachings of the illiterate peadophile murderer. They certainly aren't submitting to the will of God which the word "Muslim" implies.

Passive usage of the word "Muslim" implies that you concur that they are sumbitting to the will of God. As a Christian I thoroughly reject this notion as Mohammed was clearly a false prophet.