Tuesday, 12 June 2007

One for the English - Jerusalem


Celtic Morning said...

GA .Are you sure are of the English countryside ? The gate at the start of the video is a big giveaway to me , its taken in Wales . The English invented the hinge - its not yet widely used by Welsh farmers !!!! Though the church/cathedral at the end is probably England . And the soundtrack would have been better if the virginal soprano had managed to keep pace with the speedfingered harpist .

The Green Arrow said...

I thought that also Celtic but England or Wales it is still Great Britain and to me and I know to you also, they are the same.

I must confess to liking it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are still useless twats who still vote for Lab/Lab/Con instead of fighting for all of this.
England OR Wales it makes no difference.

Anonymous said...

And Scotlaindstan and Northern Ireistan we must fight back. for our nation's can you imagine 50 years from now and the six nations Rugby, no beer no signing all the crowd dressed like daleks, be-headings as pre match entertainment, the national anthems beamed in from Saudi... Fuck that


Anonymous said...

Feel free to correct me BUT

The way those mountains near the coast are shaped is typical of the welsh coast and I'd swear to god that brick building in the front of the cathedral is Llandaff Rugby Club. But then again last time I was in there, I was well pissed as we'd just won the grand slam first time round.

So I may be mistaken.

But a nice piece nonetheless