Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Shambo to walk the Green Mile

Artists impression of how Shambo might look after treatment

Well it looks as though Shambo will walk the Green Mile on his way to the Great Processing Plant in the Sky. I will take no pleasure out of his demise. As Sacred Bullocks go, he was an OK type of bovine. Although there are those of his detractors who said that he sometimes acted like a right miserable cow. I honestly do not know.

However, the Shambo affair, apart from drawing attention to the growing T.B. epidemic that is now starting to sweep the country also revealed the spinelessness of the Labour Government in not having Shambo dispatched as soon as his tests revealed him to be a threat to the people of Wales. Do you think the BNP would have jeopardized public safety?

Now what will be interesting to see is the reactions of the Hindu's, both in Wales and around the world.

For some reason many people believe Hindu's to be a peaceful religion. And it is a peaceful religion. Much as is the Cult of the Dead Paedophile a religion of peace.

Bangalore (AsiaNews/Cbci) – A group of Hindu fundamentalists yesterday set upon a Carmelite priest and four Christians who were with him waiting to undergo medical tests, accusing them of wanting to convert the local population of Karnataka (Southern India) to Christianity. Currently all five have been hospitalized suffering from severe shock: doctors say they are badly bruised and have given them a seven day prognosis.

Fairly peaceful then?

A group of Hindu fundamentalists attacked the seminary run by the sisters. After smashing their way into the premises through a window, they reached a small grotto dedicated to the veneration of Our Lady. Here they desecrated and then destroyed the statue of Our Lady, eventually fleeing after a student sounded the alarm.

Well maybe not as peaceful as we thought.

The first is of violent assaults on Christian priests, rape of nuns of numerous denominations, destruction and desecration of churches and chapels, and burning of Bibles. These have recurred with growing frenzy since 1997-98, when a priest was paraded naked in Dumka, and nuns were raped in Jhabua and Mayurbhan. In the same district, a priest was murdered in 1999. Churches were destroyed in the Dangs in Gujarat in 1998. India’s then Home Minister LK Advani admitted in Parliament that there were 400 attacks on Christian priests, nuns and churches between 1998 and 2000.

These attacks have continued unabated in the new century and recently spread to cities. The intensity of these attacks may be gauged by the fact that in the month of May 2007 alone, physical attacks on priests were reported from locations in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Kerala, Orissa, Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. There was a common pattern, of armed mobs of Hindutva activists thrashing the priests, often in front of their families, sometimes proudly before the cameras of invited television channels, accusing them of propagating a ‘foreign’ religion by fraud, insulting the Hindu faith and demanding that they are permanently expelled. The police, on occasion, accompanied the mobs, but rarely restrained or registered complaints against the attackers. Instead, at times, it arrested the priests

Oh dear. Not peaceful at all

So what will be the Hindu reaction when the Vet turns up on their Temple Door? Will they really defend this sad piece of beef with their bodies? We will wait and see what we see. Check out this peaceful Hindu here who is on his way to help out Pastor Reginald Howell.

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Celtic Morning said...

Once Shambles has been rendered un sacred perhaps the Welsh Assembly will then take steps to control the badger population which thrives on the land of this religious sect . Badgers are the main cause of the spread of this disease through the cattle of Britain and all other animals belonging to these people should now be regularly monitored for the disease. If the government was serious about stopping the spread of bovine TB then it would immediately introduce a nation wide cull of badgers , as has been carried out in the Irish Republic . It wont do this because it is in the pocket of the bunny hugging community which has supported it financially over the years . With New Labour , as we well know , money talks and talks loudly .

Anonymous said...

The Muslims have been warning us about the Hindus for years...did we listen, NO!
Peaceful Muslims have suffered under Hindu violence.

Fidothedog said...

What with all the New Liebour stuff going on, one shit leaving and another taking over.

Today is a day to bury bad MOOOOOS!

Anonymous said...

Ok guys now for some fun.
Fling The Shambo.
Well it's the old Fling The Cow game which is still around.

Click the catapult and hold for a few seconds then release your mouse button to fling the cow.
The object is to get a bulls eye. The longer you hold the mouse button the further the cow will go and vice versa.
Click the catapult to bring the cow back then click and hold and release. 3 to 4 seconds hold can get a bulls eye, but that depends on how fast or slow you count.
You will soon get the hang of it.
Anyway have fun.