Thursday, 7 June 2007

Parties demand the death of Shambo

Paris Hilton. Another pampered, pointless piece of meat

Well it seems that the opposition parties to Rhodris Rotters in the political pigs feeding trough known as the Welsh Assembly have decided to, at long last support the law and protect us from T.B. and have called for the death of Shambo the sacred cow. But will Labour listen?

You can catch up on the history of this pampered piece of meat in previous posts. But what is interesting is the labour party spokesman prevaricating despite assembly rules that state that cattle with TB must be destroyed. Instead the waffle speaker said;

"In assessing this case the Welsh Assembly Government is required to consider and comply with the European Convention of Human Rights, which protects the right to freedom of religion.

"In the meantime, the bullock has been isolated to minimise the risk of the disease spreading."

What a complete an udder load of bullocks. He acknowledges that there is still a risk and waffles on about human rights. But what about our human rights? The right not to be infected by TB because the cowards at the Welsh Assembly will not do the jobs they are put there to do instead of standing around chewing the cud.

In a previous post I reported statements from various senior Hindu Leaders who said that the health of the population was more important than the life of a cow no matter how cute and that Shambo should be culled.

Now if I have access to these Hindu Leaders statements, then so to do the clowns of the Welsh Assembly. So why are they not carrying out the recommendations of their veterinary staff? Simple. They are cowards.

I have said it before and I will say it again. We need a vet called the British National Party to sort out the sick puppies who rule us and the sick cow called Shambo.

The caption? Paris Hilton is released from jail because she has claustrophobia. Oh and very wealthy friends. Another pampered and pointless piece of meat but we do get a lot of frustrated Moslems dropping in and I want to show them what a semi-nude Darlek looks like. That way they will not have to strip a girl and stone her to death as an excuse to satisfy their curiosity.

Remember this;

On the video, Du'a's screams can be heard as she is dragged to the ground. In a further humiliation, her lower body has been stripped.

You can refresh your memory on that horror here.


Celtic Morning said...

Long overdue for poor old Shambles to die . Meanwhile , I wouldnt mind spending " April in Paris " , or any other month . A sure way to make an old man feel young - or buggered up !!

The Green Arrow said...

Lol Celtic.

I have been trying to find a chance to use that image for awhile. I like to go a bit down market now and again to appeal to our Sun readers :)

Perhaps I am being a bit hard on Paris but she could do more with her life and for the country that provided her families wealth.

Eddie said...

The human rights of the farmers in Dunfries and Galloway werent an issue during foot and mouth disease (as all farmers throughout the UK were similarly ignored).
Whole communities were affected and jobs and homes and livliehoods lost.
Even cattle NOT infected were culled anyway, but then that was the indigenous mugs they wre stuffing wasn't it, no cows shat sacred shit?