Saturday, 2 June 2007

Bob Woolmer WAS not murdered by Moslems

"Mohammed has put the bet on so don't forget. Let them win. They are 5/1 against"

In an earlier article entitled Are They Under Every Stone, it was pointed out that Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan cricket coach was murdered by strangulation after having first been poisoned.

Now it seems the fix is in, as the cowardly World would rather a cover up then admit that the Cult of Dead Paedophiles followers will kill a man for making critical comments about them interrupting their cricket for prayers whilst fixing matches for monetary gain.

Despite there being rioting on the streets in Pakistan calling for Mr Woolmers death.

Despite some of the Pakistan cricketers belonging to an extreme sect of Islam and threatening to kill their coach on previous occasions.

Despite there being strangulation marks around his throat.

Despite there being traces of poison in his body.

Despite the room being in disarray. Now they say it was not!!!!

Despite a top detective saying he was 100% sure it was murder.

It appears that it was not. It was death by natural causes. Yeah and I'm a Dhimmi.

You can read the start of the cover-up here.

Only a British National Party Government will give you the truth no matter how unpleasant. Meanwhile the murderers of Bob Woolmer laugh at the death of an Infidel who they hated.


Celtic Morning said...

In reply to this post I am minded of an old saying we used to use down the Rhondda , dont know if it is familiar elsewhere but its very apt in this case . " And my ***** is a bloater . " I use ***** so as not to lower the tone of this great blog site .

najistani said...

9/11 was an air traffic control error, 7/7 was accidental mixing of cleaning products, Madrid was a derailment, Bali was a volcanic eruption and Mohammed is every parent's ideal babysitter.