Monday, 11 June 2007

Corsham Councillor Addresses Rabble

UAF Supporters on way to Corsham

Jeers and whistles greeted the arrival of BNP councillor Mr Michael Simpkins at Corsham Town Hall this evening in a typical display of Moslems and Marxism attempting to stamp out free speech in Our Country. And what a failure it turned out to be for the past their sell by date reds.

Arriving for a town council meeting at 7.30pm, Mr Simpkins, who was elected unopposed in the Box and Rudloe ward, spoke to a rabble of about 250 anti-BNP protesters who according to reports had traveled from all over the U.K. on a dubious promise of free food and a paid day off work for the union representatives. Poor young Kylie , the dupe front for the Marxists, must be feeling a bit down. Two protests and both failures. Yep, he really is shaping up to be another Prescott.

Despite a nationwide appeal for demonstrators from all the major political parties, trade unions and the Trotskyist SWP, Moslem sponsored UAF and the objectionable Searchlight, the demonstrators numbered less than 1% of the population of Corsham. Which of course means that by their absence at the demonstration, 99% of the population approves of the excellent Councillor Simpkins

Many of the crowd were bussed in embarrassed students

As we know Councillor Simpkins had offered to have a public debate with the organiser of the demonstration in order not to disrupt the meeting and burden the taxpayers with the cost of policing the demonstration.

As expected, the demonstrators, not being from Corsham and therefore not responsible for paying for the police rejected this offer and commenced their their usual rubbish screams and chants and showed the people of Corsham the real face of Labour.

Thanks again Kyle for the excellent publicity for the British National Party and the new members the BNP expect to pick up as a result of your entry into the world of politics.


I just checked out Birmingham BNP. Good site and a very interesting article there on the decline of the Left. Please read it here.

Here is an image of a mob of jubilant red activists at another one of their mass demonstrations. Perhaps Kyle organised theirs as well as the Corsham one? Here is a link to the BNP Regional news that as some really good comments from the local rag.

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