Monday, 18 June 2007

Asian News - The New Anarchists Cookbook.

End result of a Molotov Cocktails short flight

OK - My brain hurts from studying. Time for some blogging.

I wonder what the police reaction would be to the British National Party publishing instructions on how to make devices that can only have two purposes. The destruction of property and the endangerment of life. The site would be closed down quicker than you can say "The Truth is no Defense".

But that is just what Asians News has done. For those of you who did not take practical bomb making at school I have cut ' n pasted their instructions for you. I think it only fair that we have a level playing field for the future.

  • A MOLOTOV cocktail, or petrol bomb, consists of a glass bottle filled with liquid, typically gasoline. A rag is placed in the neck of the bottle, extending out of the neck. The bottle is then corked in order to hold the rag in place, which is then lit and the bottle thrown. On impact, the bottle breaks open, spilling gasoline over the target area, and if the flaming rag then touches the gasoline, which is very likely, the gasoline will ignite and begin to burn whatever the "cocktail" has just hit.

  • This may well be in response a news article about Asian youths experimenting with these fiery projectiles that have been put up on YouTube where they have been using the former coke ovens known as the Fairy Caves by the canal in Oswaldtwistle as their missile testing range.

    In times of peace you should prepare for war. Prepare now and join the BNP.

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