Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Doolali Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama's Dhimmi Party Guests waiting for bar to open

Showing about as much sense as a sardine on toast, Tibet's spiritual leader in exile has warned against portraying Islam as a religion of violence.

By his accounts, Muslims have been wrongly demonised in the West since they murdered just under 3,000 human beings during the September 11 attacks. He failed to mention that the Death Eaters have also committed close on 9000 other terrorist attacks around the world since that horror.

It is obvious that the Dolali Lama has started drinking as he goes on to say;

Muslim terrorist attacks have distorted people's views of Islam, making them believe it is an extremist faith rather than one based on compassion.

Hmm. I had to read that again...and again....and again. Then I said it loud and slow.

Muslim terrorist attacks have distorted people's views of Islam, making them believe it is an extremist faith rather than one based on compassion.

The Dalai Lama, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 also appears to after Prince Charles job as the Defender of Islam as he says that he has cast himself in that role because he wishes to reshape people's views on the Cult of The Dead Paedophile. You can read that story here.

Clear now? The turnips are just peace loving people who like to blow other people to bits as an hobby. Not terrorists at all.

It would also seem that Britain's most senior Roman Catholic leader was drinking with the Doolali Lama as he has called on Muslims to join forces with the Church to fight for religious freedom. What the heck have those two guys been drinking? But you can read about the crazy catholic over on Up Pompeii here.

The British National Party would encourage True Christians Defenders of the Faith to take over Leadership of the Churches in Our Country. Crazy Cardinals who could not hold their liquor and make stupid statements like Murphy-O'Connor can find a new calling. Bingo shouters would do.


Celtic Morning said...

Our " spiritual leaders " including the geek , Prince Charles , focus on Islam pacifism and no doubt there are many moslems who would not dream of harming their neighbour ..... these are more deadly than any terrorist !! It is these who pose the greatest threat to western civilisation for they intend to conquer by stealth and they must be incensed that their terrorist brothers threaten their grand design when it is working so well and they have come so close to achieving their aims , as Gadaffi said " without a shot being fired or any destruction " ( Cant remember his exact words but that sums it up ) The terrorist factions will one day cause such an outrage in Britain that the sleepwalking sheep-citizens will at last take action to defeat them , but the stealthy moslem will quietly outnumber us until we wake one day to find that resistence will be futile and all but impossible . So fear the quiet ones - we will handle the hotheads and visible idiots - one day . When India gained independence after the second World war ,over a million people were killed as Moslem ,Hindu ,Sikh and assorted "faiths" turned against each other and slaughtered neighbour and friend in an indiscriminate orgy of savagery . These are the people who now live among us ready , at the command ,to turn on the peaceful people who have been so foolish as to let them gain a foothold in our once green and pleasant land . Rudyard Kipling , now despised by the lefty and anti patriot sections of the British establishment , got it right , as he so often did ,in his poem "The Stranger ", which ends with the words "Let the corn be all one sheaf - And the grapes be all one vine , Ere our childrens teeth are set on edge By bitter bread and wine . " Its time for the alarm to ring and wake us from our deep sleep .

Felicity said...

Celtic, there are many "sleepers" among our own people too.
The "religious" leaders hold no sway and carry no clout.
The pews are empty because they slept through the insults heaped on Christians the blasphemies we had to swallow and the ridicule the Left were allowed to get away with.
A new Christianity is growing in the land which is no respecter of the individual cults they like us in. Only a few diehards and dinosaurs want the Christian church split into warring factions between Rome and the CoE.
Many have recognised an ancient threat, the war between good and the Forces of Darkness.
A man who loves peace must be prepared to fight and die to defend it.
We will.