Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Charlene Downes and Wikipedia

Charlene Downes - Murdered by Asian Paedophiles

All of us should know the horrific story of the sexual grooming and subsequent murder of a 14 year old child for which immigrant Iyad Albattikhi and his boss, Mohammed Reveshi allegedly dismembered her body and fed her remains to an unsuspecting Dhimmi public who frequented their fast food shop. Details here.

But there is a new twist, Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia has deleted all references to this young girl and the details of the paedophile acts carried out against her and other young white girls. The link in full is;

and was deleted by a moderator called Strikeit who posted that the article was removed for the following reason; "The discussion has been blanked as a courtesy to the surviving relatives."

I don't buy that. Other horrific acts are not removed from Wikipedia, the removal of any information for whatever reason is censorship and this on closer examination appears to be a very form of selective censorship. Check out the details for the moderator/censor, Strike it.

Hi, I'm Srikeit from India. I found Wikipedia due to a googling "accident" in late 2005 and discovered the "edit" button in January 2006. I am an administrator since July 2006 and an Arbitration Committee clerk. I also volunteer for the Wikimedia Foundation's OTRS response team. If you need any kind of assistance (admin or otherwise), have any queries regarding my actions or just want to drop by to say hi, please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. Cheers & Happy editing Srikeit

I rest my case Your Lord but anyone with a Wikipedia account could email him and ask him why?


Helena said...

We dont have to ask "why", he's an Asian who doesn't like it when his "bro's" get a bad press.
Well Strike-it your deleteing finger will be going into overdrive because your "bro's" cant help violence. I do hope you get crippling painful rheumatism in your digit, rendering picking your nose or indeed any other orifice impossible.
We will remember Charlene, a victim of failed immigration policies and her own trusting nature.

Anonymous said...

"Asian Moderator censors Wikipedia to protect rapist Killers of White Schoolgirl"

Nice headline for Indigenous British Nationalists Sites?
Might even make it onto Wikipedia....if the Asians who control the press let us?

johnofgwent said...

Those of us who know how wikipedia works and where to look for the reviews are able to drag up something of the mindset of those responsible.

I think THIS says it all.

The discussion was blanked after we realized that comments made by those who voted to delete, in support of their vote to delete, were likely to strike people as being bogus re: the numerous comments claiming that the murder, and the possibility that the body may have been used for meat sold at an Asian restaurant, was 'unnoteworthy' (a word parroted by many people who voted to delete. Though despite the reasons given why the article should be deleted were probably unconvincing, the people who wanted it deleted got their way. We also tried to cover our ass by proclaiming the reason for deleting the debate was for the sake of the surviving relatives, rather than to avoid embarrassing ourselves, because we're just that slimy. Deal with it.

But perhaps THIS comment from one 'Tony Sideaway' speaks volumes.

This article and the others in the series, all written in order to promote a BNP campaign and to advance racial hatred, should (I nearly said will) be deleted. --Tony Sidaway 16:19, 2 June 2007 (UTC)

Mel said...

Wikipedia loses a lot of credibility. I've copied and pasted that to my whole address book. Perhaps everyone should do the same?
Why support an obviously anti white children site?

Anonymous said...

The court also heard Mr Cassidy was told by Tariq that Reveshi had sex with underage girls, some as young as 12-years-old.
Mr Bromley-Davenport QC, suggested Mr Cassidy was also telling lies about this. Mr Cassidy denied lying about the allegation.
Earlier, the court was told Mr Cassidy had been told to keep quiet over what he had heard about the death of Charlene.
In a conversation with Tariq, Mr Cassidy claimed he was told Charlene was threatening to go to the police telling them of her sexual relationship with Iyad Albattikhi.
Mr Cassidy also claimed when the police were searching Albattikhi's takeaway Funny Boyz on Dickson Road they were next door to where the body of Charlene was chopped-up.

A small snippet from the link to refresh the memory of how these monsters got a hold of Charlene.

Nationalist14 said...

"if the Asians who control the press let us?"

Anonymous,its not asian's that control the press.

Anonymous said...

They appear to 14, they are a protected species.

johnofgwent said...

Since posting my earlier comment, I read through the rest of the wikipedia discussion.

A lot of the 'delete it' submissions arose because wikipedia is, by its own definition, NOT a 'News Service' nor is is an 'In menoriam' site for the newly departed.

So yes I can see why a wikipedia article giving details of a murder that was, at the time, finally being covered in some mainstream news media MIGHT attract the blue pencils on the grounds that 'this isn't what wikipedia is for'

But if that is so, then why is so much space given over to RODNEY KING.

Could it be that when it's a black guy being beaten up by white policemen then the 'its not a news site' ruling gets the blind eye treatment ?