Friday, 15 June 2007

True Brit Children to bond with immigrants

Official Labour Policy - Treatment money needed for immigrants

It seems that Our Children are going to have to go and pledge allegiance to the Queen just as immigrants must do when getting their (the BNP will make it temporary) British Citizenship.

They will also be encouraged to bond with the colonisers who "choose" to occupy Our Country at the expense of the True Brit population and their children.

Despite admissions from the government that areas that have never before experienced racial tensions are now scenes of almost daily turmoil and violence, they still continue to swamp Our Country with unwelcome immigrants as part of their plan for the genocide of the True British people.

The only positive thing that comes out in this report is the news that a recent poll has shown that over 68% of the population are now seriously concerned about the swamping of Our Country and the preferential treatment that the colonisers receive in the shape of preferential treatment in housing queues.

In recent years, flats and houses have been designed by councils and housing associations specifically to cater for Muslim tenants, for example.

At last an admission of guilt and the proof that the BNP spoke the truth when they first revealed the racist discrimination against local white people in housing queues.

Another admission is the the enormous cost of the mad multiculturalism plan to exterminate England as a Country and the complete break-up of Our Great Britain.

Whilst they waste millions of pounds on immigrants, over 20,000 British People a year are denied treatment and allowed to go blind to fund their evil plans. These are crimes for which one day, the politicians who have brought us to this will be punished for.

So read the words of the bloated vampire,Darra Singh from the Commission on Integration and Cohesion.

"We have to recognise that there are communities who are experiencing migration in a way they haven't before and that can be unsettling.

"Whilst there is no cause for alarm, there is a clear case for action.

Damn right it is unsettling and there is every cause for alarm if your British. But there is a real case for action. What action? You know what action and you know what you have to do. Join the British National Party and help reclaim Our Country for your children and their children after them.


Vote Freedom said...

It explains the very good results the BNP got in the local by elections yesterday. I have all the results in now on the board.

It is a very good job you do here Green Arrow long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

Is it time for that revolution yet?

Celtic Morning said...

You vill all do as you are told ! You vill make friends vith ze mad swarthy idiot carrying a sword , a club and a caseful of drugs . No matter if he sexually assaults his sister , zis is of no concern for you . You vil velcome him into your home and feed him vith your food and send him upstairs vith your sister - or mother , so your race can be purified vith his blood. If he prefers to go upstairs vith your brother zen zat should also be encouraged. And ven his relatives vant to join him you vil velcome them also and others from far off lands ver zey shit on ze ground like animals and never invented anything since ze spear . And you vill do nozing to upset zese guests at peril to your own persecution and prosecution by ze State Thought Police . Exactly as your criminal Vinston Churchill forecast in 1945 ven ze first commie/socialist government vas elected . And you still think you von ze var !! Gottenhimmel , ze British truly are stupid dolts !! Your brave soldiers and sailors and airmen should have surrendered to ze Fuhrer - it vould have been nasty for a year or two but you vould now be living in a better country today . Ze sacrifice vas in vain . Zey all died for nothing .

Celtic Morning said...

A new building is being furnished in Rhondda/Cynon/Taff to house a new agency to allocate housing. There is a panel which tells people that translation services are available in THIRTY languages . All they have to do is press the relevent button .Guess who will be favourites for any accomodation up for grabs ? And a young Romanian mother has just landed in Brecon after a four day car journey with her three little kids . She likes Brecon . She likes it so much that she has told her mother , her sisters , her brothers and anyone else she can think of , to hurry along just as quickly as they can to this new land of milk and honey . All paid for by the lovely Britsh who are being told to treat them well , welcome them and take no notice when their own children and up in schools full of little aliens gabbling in a tongue they cannot understand and spreading any disease they may have brought with them from their homeland .Please laugh at all this . If you dont , you will surely cry .

The Green Arrow said...

You are more then capable of turning out a good blog. Why not give it ago. I will help you set one up if you need assistance.

I have to some serious studying very soon and am not going to be around as much as I would like. Pick up the flag.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mention Green and posting the letter. I must admit Celtic seems to have a real wy with words... mmmm The real Celt sounds like a good blog name. Good luck in the study department Green, just knowing you are in the Background is like the subs knowing they have top cover. They cant see them but they know the ships are their. A post a week of your normal quality would keep the masses happy Green.

Aberdeen WED