Monday, 11 June 2007

Meet Mr Peter "Plonker" Golding

Now should you and I have a problem with leaflets from opposition political parties dropping through the door during elections, we simply dispose of them in the bin.

Mr Moulting Golding with some quality literature

In fact, being a bit smarter than your average Dhimmi red activist, we chase after the leaflet droppers and ask if we can have all they can spare as we know an area that is begging to see leaflets like theirs.

We thank them graciously, try and keep them talking for as long as possible and then dump their rubbish in the skip later. Waste their time and their money.

Now usually we expect trade unionists to be a little tougher than this little wilting pansy from York, called Peter "Plonker" Golding. Who, when British National Party leaflets landed on his mat, he first wet himself and then ran of to complain to the local rag called The Press that he had received leaflets from the BNP during the run up to the local elections. Hold the Front Page.

He also complained that he had then received another leaflet from the hardworking BNP activists thanking the 520 thinkers in the local community who had voted for the British National Party. Change the front page.

This retarded gentleman, then went on to complain that election leaflets he had received had told him who to vote for. Gasp of shock. I always wondered what was contained in electioneering material.

He did admit that the ethnic community (code for colonisers) had increased and said;
"but I feel it's for the benefit of York."

You can read about molting Golding here. Fair play, these people are always good for a laugh. Also big thanks to The Press who took him seriously enough to publish his nonsense and give the BNP some welcome publicity. Roll the presses.


Anti-gag said...

What a burk this guy is!

Also surely he can only speak for himself. So unless he is the only registered voter at the address all democratic candidates (from which ever party) should refuse this type of request anyway.

Stopping leaflet delivery to his address could deny others the right to see all the information needed to make a free and democratic chose in the election.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Brill Green Another broill post and the one above. It makes you wonder what goes through the minds of these people, they must have had a real troubled up-bringing.
He must go mad when he gets flyers from service companies telling him what gas or electric company to use. The Marxist's are Mad, Mad I say

Aberdeen WED

Fidothedog said...

So he complains about a legal party, dropping a leaflet through his letterbox in the run up to an election.

The concept of free speech is lost on this poor chap.

Nothing I hate more than Liebour party leaflets, but I find their leaflets make rather good paper airplanes that I then aim towards the bin.

Nikola said...

This guy should get double the leaflets next time, the more he complains the more press attention the BNP get.

youdontknowme said...

My god - he is a total fool.