Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Race Watchdog - Trevor Phillips - Again

Race Watchdog. What sort of title is that for a cur like Trevor Phillips? The man (clearly no gentleman) who heads the jobs for the boys, Commission for Equality where colour is more important than ability, else we would never have heard of him.

Reading of his tasteless joke about the Queen Mother, I was reminded of his offensive comments about BNP members and supporters being "less than human". But putting the insult aside, it was something else he said which revealed the sort of person he actually is.

He said: "I was asked to escort the Queen Mother for the evening. One of the things I had to do was dance with her.

"The security people came a few days before to explain what I had to do.

"There was a clearing of throats and shuffling of feet.

"One of them said, 'Mr Phillips, I need to share something with you. When you're dancing with the Queen Mother you will have to lay your hands on her.'

"I said, 'Yes, that's what happens in dancing. But I'm not going to grope the Queen Mother.

Who, with half an ounce of breeding or manners would respond with a crass statement as that final one? Only a self absorbed idiot.

And then looking at his image I realised what he and the other sleek oily creatures of the establishment reminded me of. Mosquitoes.

During my time at the Royal Navy Wireless Station Kranji which was a few miles into the jungle on Singapore Island, we would sleep under mosquito nets. Some nights I would lie under my net watching the little creatures struggle to get through the net to feed.

Most would get stuck but some made it through to feast on my blood but in the morning the meal would cost them their lives. Bloated they would be unable to escape through the net and I would spend a few minutes squishing them and seeing minute drops of red cover the inside of the net.

And that is what Phillips and his kind are. Parasites that feed of the British Public and give nothing in return except a disease that can kill. Mosquitoes bring malaria, the likes of Phillips another killer. Multiculturalism. Squish.

The British National Party is the only pesticide that really works. Invest in it now.


Anonymous said...

I'm no royalist, but the bottom line is that when I look around and realise the most likely alternative to Liz and Phil should Dennis Skinner realise his dream is President Blair, then well maybe King William isn't such a bad idea. Well at least until the independence merchants in the cardiff bay hot air pit get their way and realise afterwards with a shock I'm a descendant of the Welsh Princes and therefore they're stuck with King John (Of Gwent). Yeah right dream on. But when I get there I will need a Lord High Executioner. GA are you up for the job ?

But being serious, Presidents and Royalty alike have men and women working for them whose job it is to ensure the great unwashed - that's you and me in real life - don't make a bloody fool of themselves at 'state occasions' and the like, whether it be in front of a load of heads of state, or a load of inbred aristos.

And if they fail the Sun will have a field day with headlines 'Keep Your Paws Off Our Bloody Queen'.

Eric Morecombe and Terry Wogan both did a damn good job for the cameras of poking gentle fun at the NEED for such people who 'briefed' them on the way to get a sword tap on the shoulder and avoid it going through the neck as it went from side to side but never did either seek to get a cheap laugh from the people themselves.

But this guy belittles those men and women tho carry out the largely thankless task of making sure the laugh a minute called court etiquette is followed.

And by that action he puts himself, frankly, beneath contempt.

Dan the Man said...

Phillips is the entertainment, the jester really.
Dressed in a suit he looks odd, dancing with royalty must have given onlookers a laugh.
Henry the 8th kept a midget dressed as a Prince for State occasions and good clean fun....we got a much better deal with Phillips.

Celtic Morning said...

The Daily Mail report tells us that "BEST MAN at his wedding was .... Peter Mandelson . !!!! Does this need any further comment !!!

Anonymous said...

Phillips in a suit? wasnt there once a joke about this?, though no doubt his ilk would have had it banned. Perhaps those who have to suffer the wearing of colostomy bags through Crohn,s disease or many other reasons no fault of their own, should complain of his "discriminatory" remarks?. This "man" has got too big for his own boots hasnt he?