Friday, 29 June 2007

Road Cameras , MRSA and Drunk Drivers

Difficult to understand if English is not your first language

This article was prompted by the reply I had from the Downing Street Petition site with regards to reducing the numbers of Tax Collecting Cameras around the Country.

Their expected arrogant reply in defence of their daylight robbery, job losses and contributions to the misery of the country in general was to be expected;

Thank you for taking the time to register your views about safety cameras on the Number 10 website.

Speeding kills. It is a contributory factor in 26% of all fatal accidents in Great Britain.

The facts are stark. If a child pedestrian is hit at 30mph they stand an 80% chance of surviving. But if they are hit at 40mph they stand an 80% chance of dying. That is why the Government is committed to achieving appropriate vehicle speeds on the roads as part of its integrated road safety strategy.

We are succeeding in changing attitudes, and in making drivers realise that one of their responsibilities is to comply with speed limits. The proportion of car drivers who comply with the 30mph limit has greatly increased over the last few years.

Safety cameras provide a valuable and cost-effective method of preventing, detecting and enforcing speed and traffic light offences. Their use is based on solid evidence. All reliable research from around the world clearly demonstrates that cameras reduce speeds and save lives.

Independent research (new window), published in December 2005, shows that safety cameras had saved around 1,745 people from being killed or seriously injured, and had prevented around 4,230 personal injury collisions on Britain's roads each year.

And while they are saving lives, safety cameras will remain a key part of our road safety strategy

Now if it was about really saving lives, then that would be fine. A life is a life after all. But I got to wondering that if they really wish to save lives, then why haven't they put cameras in hospitals when the immigrant cleaners are supposed to be cleaning and the third world nursing staff and doctors are not washing their hands.

Because the official figures show, that there are almost 4 times as many people dieing of MRSA in our stinking hospitals then are being killed on the roads in ALL traffic accidents.

Every week over 100 people die as a result of MRSA according to Government figures that you can read here. Kind of frightening. I am also wondering if some of those deaths attributed to speeding were a result of a cut finger being infected in hospital.

It also seems that MRSA is twice as deadly as a drunk driver. This is from a well respected Knight of the Realm. Where he reports that twice as many people die of superbugs in dirty hospitals than die on British Roads as a result of drink driving. Since his report, the numbers of MRSA related deaths as quadrupled in line with projections.

So if we can have zero tolerance towards drunk drivers who apparently kill less people than dirty doctors, why can we not have zero tolerance to dirty hospitals and their lazy staff?

You want the hospitals cleaned up? You want you and yours to survive a routine visit to the hospital? Then bring the cleaners in. The British National Party will do the job no problem. The BNP, ready to clean up the mess made by Labour.


Anonymous said...

For fsck's sake you've started ME off now.

Because I, in common with Richard Hammond, know the lie behind that 'Speeding Kills' crap. It is total bollox. And the IAM have the facts to prove it contributes directly to THREE per cent, NOT Twenty Six per cent of motoring accidents.

And one has to wonder about something else. Bernie Ecclestone proved that bu 'bunging a bernie' into Labaah Funds you can become exempt from government leglslation, as he did with his formula one car tobacco advertising.

So how much do you think BUPA bunged Gordy in order to be able to place TV adverts loudly proclaiming treatment in a safe (by which I presume they mean free from ranting daleks, unlike selly oak) and clean hospital.

Anonymous said...

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