Thursday, 28 June 2007

What do we make of Sarkozy?

Will France put up more of a resistance this time?

Well, I first expressed my doubts about the new President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy back in May of this year. In truth I had my doubts a long time before that and you can read the reasons why, here.

So on the one hand we read about him blocking the free entry of millions of moslems into Western Europe by holding up Turkey's membership. But then we see him building a Mediterranean Union of Muslim countries as a precursor to ALL joining the undemocratic, soviet style United States Of Europe as a block some time down the road. Welcome to Eurabia.

You would think that Sarkozy as a True Frenchman would want to protect the interests of France. And that is the problem, Sarkozy is not French. He is the son of a Jewish woman and Hungarian immigrant. He will not, cannot identify with a Country the way that True Brits and True Nationalists do. So it is an easy matter to betray the country that feeds him. This is from the BNP site.

It has now emerged that Calais town council has top-level approval for the construction of a “Sangatte II” transit camp. A whistleblower on the French council has revealed that it is to be deliberately sited at a crossroads where lorries bound for Britain have to slow down to make a right turn and is a spot much favoured by asylum seekers determined to enter the backs of Kent-bound lorries! In addition, it is reported, the same road has been the location for many attacks on British lorry drivers. Despite objections from many French residents of Calais, no few of whom would have switched their vote from Le Pen to Sarkozy doing the recent elections, Calais Council have confirmed that construction of the facility will go ahead.

So his he helping France by removing their immigrant problem to Kent? I wish he were. That would mean, he was at least a sort of French Nationalist. But Non, I think he is working to a plan in hastening the destruction to the only Nation with a political party in the shape of the British National Party that could and would put a spanner into the works of Eurabia.

I sadly suspect that the French People have been conned much as the people of Our Country was conned by Lady Thatcher.

The time for talking is coming to an end. Best join the BNP now and get to know your future comrades now before the fun really starts.

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Celtic Morning said...

Sarkozy is just another politician who comes to power promising reform and promptly forgets all about it when elected . He will not solve his country immigrant problem though it looks as if he intends helping to make ours even worse . The new camp at Calais will fatten up asylum seekers and make them fitter for their fight to enter Britain . He adapted his election stance to take votes from Le Pen and he succeeded . To solve his Islamic problem would mean something close to a civil war and France lost its stomach for that sort of thing after the battle for Verdun in WW1 , proven by the way they handed over their country to Germany just over twenty years later . How the Little General , Bonaparte , must turn in his grave .Their warrior genes seem to have all disappeared . But we shouldnt gloat , the same thing may now have happened to our nation of sheep . Can you see OUR youth standing firm in defence of their country ? This spotty band of babies ? This collection of spineless cowards and stabbers ? We should search every lorry leaving France no matter how much of a hold up this causes , no matter what its effect on trade . Every stowaway found should be immediately kicked back to where they came from without exception , no matter how our lib/lab/con bleeding hearts complain .Will it happen ? Of course not . Dour Gordon , like Tony , will gather them to his clan and count their votes as he doles out OUR hard earned taxes . Incidentally , we are told he doesnt like to be known as Dour Gordon . What about Gay Gordon , any better ?