Saturday, 30 June 2007

Why did they put him out?

Unfortunately the terrorists were not trapped in their vehicle

So it looks as if a couple of the home grown turnips up in Scotland decided to bake themselves and a few of our fellow citizens by setting fire to their car and driving it into the departures terminal of Glasgow Airport. If there was a bomb in the car, then fortunately it did not explode.

One of the men described as Asian looking got out of the car with his clothes on fire and was restrained by passengers. They finally extinguished the flames and the police arrested him. Why did they put the flames out? Let the creature burn. In fact they should have sprayed pork fat onto him to keep the flames going.

Wannabee Martyr. Put him in with the big boys.

Anybody out there still doubt that we are at war with an insane enemy? You need a government with the will power to fight back and defend you and your families. You need the British National Party and they need you. Join the BNP now or forever hold your head in shame.


Celtic Morning said...

All over Britain we have people trying to salvage their possessions and stay dry and warm after the severe floods which it will take them many years to recover from and while this is going on we have to divert resources to guard against the invasion . Its time we stopped calling these people terrorists . They are part of an invading army whose aim is to conquer our land .We are at war and in a war situation normal standards are , or should be , shelved . This man in Glasgow should have been set upon by the mob , battered to the ground , and quickly killed . But once again we prove our claim to the title of Dhimmi's and pack him off to hospital where he will be given the best treatment available . And then , if ever he is charged , I expect he will plead that it was alla mistake , a genuine accident , his foot slipped , the accelerator jammed , the cans of petrol were for his lawn mower , the nails were so he could build a fence and if he had any gas cylinders well , he was planning a camping trip to the Scotish Highlands wasnt he . Case dismissed , tell the man how to claim compensation for his burns . Imagine the same scene in Baghdad , a Sunni runs from a vehicle which he has driven into a Shiite mosque ! There wouldnt be enough left of him to be identified ! Allied bomber crews didnt relish bailing out over Germany , they knew what would happen to them once they landed . Wake up Sheepland . We are at war . In a war the object is to kill the enemy . They know it . It would seem to take a long time for us to get the message .

Anonymous said...

Glasgow loves Muzzies thats why they voted SNP to get schools, mosques and more asylum seekers please. Well I cant think of any othe reason?

Pravda said...

This man in Glasgow should have been set upon by the mob , battered to the ground , and quickly killed

If that happened the police and intelligence services would never have been able to interrogate him.

The guy wanted to die. Let him rot in a cell, not get martyrdom.

Anonymous said...

I note that Gordy's pals are at pains to say these guys were ***NOT*** home grown. And Alex Salmond let the cat out of the bag with his 'they have not been in Scotland long' statement.

Which begs the question WTF are identity cards for, eh ?

Stop epending billions on pie in the sky IT projects that'll go the same way as the passport office fiasco and start spending it on more beat bobbies stopping and searching under those dalek robes and perhaps we'll get somewhere