Saturday, 30 June 2007

Poland - The stiring of the pot.

Out of the Soviet Union frying pan into the European Union fire

We read this week that the amounts of money now being sent from Our Country to Poland by our unwanted guest workers is becoming so large that is is starting to have an effect on our economy.

By all accounts it all adds up to a staggering £4 billion a year. Thats a lot of money we will not see again. What percentage of that would have come back in VAT at the shops?

So large as this amount grown to, that shops and services where these required immigrants live have started to bleat about lost income for their businesses. Hint. Stop employing them.

You see, the Poles are not spending. All that money they earn is flooding out of Our Country like blood from a wound. Poland is becoming rich, very rich and now has money to spend.

Meanwhile of course, the British Workers in those areas where the Poles have settled, are being made unemployed whilst being maligned as malingerers and work shy. Complete tosh. But some fools believe the Newspeak of Big Brother and the media he (the state) controls.

But in an ironic twist, the Polish people will pay an heavy price. Because whilst they have been encouraged to leave their homeland. Those Machiavellian devils that wish to rule over a mud coloured One World have now started on the process of destroying Poland.

Poland is now supposedly, so desperate for workers that they are bringing in Azeris and Tajiks to do their work. In fact Poland has quietly informed the Arab and Asian world that they are looking for workers to replace their losses to Western Europe.

I wonder what those new workers will also bring? Disease? Most certainly. Rape? Undoubtedly. Corruption? Goes without saying. Islam? Oh yes ... and there is the real rub. Islam.

Welcome to Europe Poland. I am afraid you will live to regret it. Sadly some of you will also die.

The only way we can stop the madness of our masters is to overthrow them, either at the ballot box or on the streets. Let us start with the ballot box. Join the BNP and be proud to tell your grandchildren that you were and still am, a member of the British National Party. Join today. The resistance needs you.

hat tip: Victory or Death


Anonymous said...

Perhaps then those Poles who have come over here will see what is happenning to their own lands they may unite with whats left of the stagnant and browbeaten white population of this country. Lets face it, all immigration reports seem to concentrate on the Poles coming here, while conveniently forgetting all the unassimable immigrants that continue to come en masse. Maybe just maybe it will backfire on the "policy makers", as from what I have heard the Poles are very proud of being white and Christian, they may well be the allies we need to give courage and pride back to our own skulking masses, and replace the upstanding bloodlines we lost in those two disasterous world wars last century (white man culls).

The Green Arrow said...

You may well be right Anon. The Poles played a major part in preventing the spread of Islam during the Battle of Vienna. We were also glad of their flyers in the 2nd world war.

We may be glad of their help again.

Anonymous said...

" Join the BNP and be proud to tell your grandchildren that you were and still am, a member of the British National Party."

But you're not in the BNP, are you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says..Join the BNP blah blah blah, so whats your point?, some of the most ardent BNP supporters are in positions where they cant join or disclose their membership, also not being a member of any "club" or "organisation" doesnt mean you have no interest in a given subject. Oh by the way I am the anonymous who wrote in above about enlisting the Poles in our struggle (which may well become theirs too)

The Green Arrow said...

Lets see. I posted. Join the BNP and then you asked what my point was?

Of course you do not have to be a member of the BNP to know what is right. However if you are able to be a member without being in fear of your job or other reasons then you should join.

I am not in fact a member of the BNP for reasons I have explained to regional officers and members but I campaign tirelessly both on and off line for them and those who know me personally, know of my nationalist background.

I wish I could be a member. I would love to be candidate but that can never be. So I blog.

If the blah blah gets on your nerves please feel free to leave.

Oh one last thing. Do consider joining the BNP - if you are able to that is.