Monday, 4 June 2007

Britain Forward and the BNP Leadership Challenge

The Chairman of the B.N.P. reaching out to our people

There is another blog that has sprung up in the light of the British National Party leadership challenge.

Britain Forward according to their site is made up of 48 long serving members of the BNP who they freely admit prefer to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

These "party officers, former officers, candidates, financial backers and hardworking long suffering activists", have compiled, although not posted a list of 300 questions that they would like the Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin to answer.

However I suspect there are many reasons why people are supporting the challengers.

It may be that some Nick Griffin supporters (and I am one) would like him to lick some of our nationalist comrades into shape and get them sorting out their website and attitude for a start. So this challenge could just be a poke in the Chairmans ribs.

It could be that this Chris Jackson is a sacrificial lamb that is being led out to test the membership and Nick Griffins response. If the lamb survives and appears to have decent support but loses, the real challenger and his fellow conspirators would climb out of the woodwork next year and launch the real attack.

One thing I do not like about the supporters of the challenge, is the nasty way some of them operate.

One blog sites comments and images were so offensive that if it is found to be the work of a current BNP member then he or they should be expelled from the Party no matter how many years service, money, work and energy they have contributed to the cause of the True Brits.

Does Britain Forward condemn that site and its creators? If not then they reveal their true character and should be treated with contempt.

You can read the Britain Forward statement here.

So come on then B.F. Lets have this list of questions so we can read it and make our minds up.

Previous posts on BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin are here and here and if you would like to read the poem that the Chairman has above his desk, well you can read that here.

I think what motivates people is not great hate, but great love for other people.


Anti-gag said...

Nick Griffin may not be perfect, but he is by far the best person to lead the party.

He's taken a no hope party (1 councillor in 17 years) and turned it into a political movement that won over three-quarter of a million votes in the last European elections.

If there is a problem with the British National Party, then it’s with the middle management, some of whom are the very people backing this challenge.

No Nick Griffins not perfect, but he is the most charismatic and capable politician in Britain today. And I would welcome the chance to show my support for all that we have achieved under his leadership.

No the problem with the BNP is not Nick Griffin, nor is it the grassroots membership, it’s people like the authors of that blog.

Nick Griffin is leading the BNP into government. Not this year, nor next year, but soon. Get on board or move out of the way!

Chris Hill

The Green Arrow said...


I am really hacked of with these traitors. Their blogs are a disgrace and show their true aim. Destruction of the Party. They destroy years of hard work by the real patriots and the red scum will be all over them like flies around manure - which they are.

Anonymous said...

Nick certainly is a good speaker and charismatic. These qualities make him the best person to lead the party. However it cannot be right that party finances and those of associated companies are kept secret. There are some very serious allegations being made about financial irregularity which Nick HAS to deal with. These issues CANNOT be ignored or brushed under the carpet. The current situation simply is not good enough. Nick PROMISED financial accountability but has failed to deliver on this key point. Frankly the party membership deserves better.

British National Party member said...


British National Party member said...

*This member of the party couldn't give two hoots.

The Green Arrow said...

Come now BNP member. Does two posts in one minute count for not giving a hoot?

No opinion?

West Mids said...

It is worth taking a long, hard look at those who are agitating for change at such a crucial time in the development of our party. The pattern of disruption is tediously predictable. The hand of Searchlies and the state is never far away.