Saturday, 16 June 2007

Labour Councillor arrested on Rape Claim

"Unveiled women who get raped deserve it" - Mufti of Australia

A sixteen year old girl has been raped by one of the enrichers of our sad land and all one finds is a tiny article tucked away in the Asian News.

An Oldham Labour councillor Asaf Ali has been arrested and released on police bail until August the 1st pending further inquiries.

In a rather ironic twist of fate, Enricher Ali is the Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Panel, whatever that does but has stepped down during the investigation. Looks to be as though Ali needs a bit more than scrutinising himself.

However, this is not the first time this 36 year old asset to Our Country has spend in police custody. He was arrested back last year when drugs were found concealed in his car. These of course had been planted by someone with a grudge or so he said and the charges subsequently dropped. That would be some grudge. What did he do to earn it?

Now imagine if this rape of this young girl, hardly more than a child had been carried out by a British National Party Councillor. Every news paper and TV station in the land would be carrying the story of this outrageous attack and young Kyle would be arranging demonstrations even whilst you read.

Do you have a daughter? Do you care about her? Then join the BNP now and make Our Country a safer place for her to live in.

You can read about the sick statement under the image here.

“And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess…” (Q. 4:24 )


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone in "his" town get to hear about the kind of filth that live off the backs of the council tax payer.

Anonymous said...

Its such a joke really. The night before the BNP had its PPB in Scotland a false storywas plastrered all over the newspaperts about a sex attack on a muslim woman AND her baby.
Thestory had all the hallmarks of the"shaved Sihk" tale that had the searchiesfoamingat the mouth in edinburgh. That story was false as well.