Saturday, 9 June 2007

When is it OK to carry a knife in public?

The law of Our Land states that people can go to prison for fours year and/or be fined if they are carrying an offensive weapon such as a knife, in public without good reason.

So were you or I to be stopped by a security guard on entering a government building and found to be carrying a knife, then we could expect to be detained, the police called and and questioned as to why. People have been shot dead by our police for less.

Yet when Tarsem Singh was stopped and refused entry to a passport office for carrying a three inch ceremonial Kirpan he was, as is usual with these people, offended and humiliated.

Leaving aside the fact that someone once wrote that three inches of steel was enough to kill even a king, I would be even more concerned to be in the vicinity of a Religious Maniac with a knife then a person carrying one because he feared attack in our new multicultural heaven.

Mr Singh said he was humiliated by security guards who perceived him as a threat and insisted he could not enter the building without removing the dagger... Imagine the outcry had the guards let him through and he then went on to slice up a staff member.

He said: "I felt like they were talking down to me and didn't look at me as a British citizen even though I was born here. It made me feel very small and it was really disheartening.

However in another Shambo type cave in by our cowardly masters who only have the courage to enforce the law against the True British people of these Islands, a Home Office spokeswoman said:

"Sikh customers who do not feel able to follow the procedure outlined will be able to conduct their business at a specially designated window thus ensuring the customer's needs are met.

Well you can read the details more about that story over on Asian Image but if you want to see what happens in Canadian schools then check this out.

I suppose now we can expect the Mad Mohammedans to start saying that Semtex is an Holy item that they are required to wear around their middle when flying and to prevent them doing so is an infringement of their human rights. Weep.

So if you think the law should apply to all and not just the True British people then you had better start thinking about joining the British National Party. It is the only way you will get justice for all in this benighted land of Ours.


BFB said...

The Canadian article says that no one has yet been injured by a Kirpan in schools, so presumeably they are waiting for a child to be killed before their stupidity dawns on them.

God help us all!

Nobby said...

"Mr Singh said he was humiliated by security guards who perceived him as a threat and insisted he could not enter the building without removing the dagger... "

Tough shit mate, welcome to our world. This country has become one big humiliation for the white indigenous population and people like you bleating on about being made to feel very small and disheartened just make me sick.

I have never stabbed anyone or used a knife in a threatening manner either and yet I can't carry on without the risk of arrest so why the fuck should you?

Ethnic minority groups are not children or special needs people that require parenting and looking after. They are adults for fucks sake. They should grow a spine and start accepting that life aint fair and equal for ANYONE.

Don't you just wish sometimes that some people would just fuck off?

Anonymous said...

A member of the BNP has started a petition. If you wish to give your support heres the link.

Aurora said...

why should you carry a knife. what do you want to do, protect yourself? what do you wanna do, live forever? it's not your country anymore, your government gave it away one piece at a time. the only way to get it back is through decisive action. pity there's not more people like those in the BNP but it will take more than words to bring things back the way they were. you're gonna need people to run for political office and make major changes. this wholesale appeasement cannot continue. it needs to be reversed and the appeasers removed. while admittedly you will have an uphill struggle as voting is going to be dictated by numbers and the muslims have quite large numbers. they're not afraid of action, neither should you. in the meantime, try to stay away from the sharp end of their knives!

Cat said...

I've got news for you...the Kirpan is allowed in Scottish schools too, probably all over Britain in fact.
They're allowed to carry it ..if..........they dont use it! Thats right, it has to be in a padded pouch, so they dont hurt themselves if they fall over..Health and Safety and all that!
Try writing to your local council to find out the exact policy. I know a woman who did and got it in black and white, not too far from the Scottish Parliament in fact. I saw the letter she got back.
Kirpans are allowed in schools, its part of the five K's of the Sikh religion, and its not as though its the same as a dangerous crucifix or anything?