Saturday, 2 June 2007

The BNP Leadership Challenge

Nick Griffin - The Chairman of the British National Party

As all True Brit Nationalists may or may not know, there is likely to be a challenge to the leadership of the British National Party this year.

Nominations have to be submitted before the 30th of June and so there is not as yet an official challenge but the jackals have started to snap at the heels of the British Lion.

The word on the street is that one Chris Jackson is putting himself forward with the support of a Richard Edmonds and Mike Easter. Who?

Jackson's unofficial declaration was made on the site of a tiny nationalist group that may have been created for the purpose of splitting the BNP vote during the elections.

The site certainly went out of their way to be abusive towards the Chairman and the British National Party in general during the election. True Nationalist would have either stood aside or kept silent until the elections were over. Ask yourself whose interests were they really serving?

Now there are blogs popping up with all kinds of lies, half truths and allegations and worse calling into question the honesty and motives of Nick Griffin.

These sites are published by anonymous people who are obviously either cowards or members who choose not to reveal their identity because they have a vested interest in obtaining a new leader.

Now it may well be that Jacksons intentions may be honorable and because he believes that he would be better to run the BNP but ask yourself this.

Does Nick Griffin deserve the loyalty of the BNP membership?

Remember this is the man who could have joined ANY political party and made a bundle as an M.P. or higher. He chose to serve Our Country.

Remember this is the man who daily risks death at the hands of one of the brain dead zombies of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

Remember this is the man who could have faced years in prison for telling the truth when the enemy were saying; "The Truth is No Defence"

Remember this is the man who brought the BNP into mainstream politics and acceptance by the majority of the British Public despite the lies of the Tri-Axis of evil controlled media.

The challengers it appears are more interested in their own goals than those of the True Brits who own goals are the defence of Our Country.

These challengers will make much about Mr Griffins past - and he freely admits to having baggage. But as I have said before. Show me the man who has no baggage. We all have baggage and we all change as grow older and more mature. Nick Griffin is a stronger man for carrying more baggage, his baggage is his love of Our Country.

Well the decision is is going to be upto the membership of the BNP. I only hope that they are not fooled by people who would drag them into a bloody civil war for their own or others reasons.

A vote for anyone other than a vote for Nick Griffin would be a vote for the Tri-Axis parties. If any challenger succeeds then it will be the end of the British National Party and the end of the United Kingdom.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.


Celtic Morning said...

Ga , I hope this report is not correct but if it is I have no doubt that Nick Griffin will have no trouble seeing off any challenge . Without him all our gains would soon be lost for he has turned ,or is turning , our cause into an ever more acceptable one . His stature is such that no politician from the other parties will share a platform with him . Not because they rate us as fascist etc , but because they are afraid of him and know that he would simply wipe the floor with them and their arguments - that is , if any chairman of such a debate would allow him a fair hearing instead of continually interupting or cutting him off . They try to limit our publicity because they know that Nick ,given the air time , would win over voters by the million in serious discussion .I must admit to some bias here , at my age I should know better than to have heroes but Nick is certainly that . I admire the man , his integrity and courage , his honesty , his humility and his sheer professionalism. We are so lucky to have a man of such stature at our head . As you say , he could have risen to the very top in any other party , fame and fortune would have been his - at the cost of his convictions . He chose not to travel that path , he picked up his very own crown of thorns on behalf of our nation . I always describe him as a "man of the people " for that is what he is , cut from our own cloth, guarding our well being , knowing our hopes and fears . I hope one day to shake his hand and it would be a great pleasure to me to have a photograph of that hanging in pride of place on my wall . If our party is stupid enough to give credibility to an attack on his position then that will be the day I give up , sure in the knowledge that our cause is lost .

Free Spirit said...

Hiya, looks like Nick Griffin has his work cut out, I hope that he does well.

British National Party member said...

Ill be interested to see what Chris Jackson has to say, but i think his challenge will prove unproductive. I support Nick Griffin and the BNP, and i dont think we could have better leadership. We could have better middle managers though, or i think it might be fairer to say that we could have better middle management systems.

Now im only seeing things from the position of a grunt looking up, but the way i see middle management is as inefficient and uncommunicative. Id sooner bet on a meteor strike than a response via the e-mails to the most temperate of enquiries!

The thing is perhaps that we have come so far that our older systems cannot cope and yet there is reluctance to change them, i dont know. Either way, philosophically i think we are on the money right here, and right now, for the time we are in and the opposition we face. We need to plant our feet firm on this ground and grow roots. Ultimately its up to the people to join us, we cant do it for them.

Ill Read what Mr Jackson proposes, but he would have to be something quite extraordinary to be a better choice than Nick. I am also of the opinion that he may be doing us harm by standing, and am keeping an eye on his motives too, but until anything is fairly certain ill give him the benefit of the doubt. But i shouldn't think he'll be getting my vote!

Celtic Morning said...

BNP Member has a point . Irecently suggested ,or rather asked that the the readers comments section of the web site be updated more often for many contributions were passing by as out of date by the time the site altered . I got a very curt reply which told me I should raise more money and that would pay for more assistance , words to that effect , cant remember exactly because I was so bloody incensed at such ignorance to a genuine suggestion that I wiped the reply immediately . Dont know why , my usual reaction to such as that is to go back with all guns firing . Instead , I shredded my membership card and wiped the site from my favourites in my anger and asked myself if we had any real chance of becoming a political force in time to change anything . Questioned thepoint of continuing to pay up and smile .I would add that I contribute far more than I can afford , pay gold membership , joined Trafalgar Club , donate everytime I'm asked , buy mags and music to pass on the message etc and this mans bloody cheek really upset me . If every memberpaid proportionally from their income as I do we would have more than enough cash in hand . Of course shredding my card means nothing , I'm still a member and the site is back on my favourites . Maybe he was just having a bad day . I hope he , or others like him , dont have too many bad days . And I hope the challenge to Nick is easily defeated .

Anti-gag said...

I agree totally with what Gareth (British National Party Member) says, Nick Griffin is the best leader of any political party in Britain today. But he is also correct when he criticises the party’s middle management, it sometimes is not up to the job.

The party has grown out of all recognition over the last 5 years, and this has put a strain on the info-structure at all levels, but it’s the middle management that seems to have suffered most, Tony Lecomber was a big loss there as well. The good news is people like Sadie Graham are coming along, and things seem now to have started to turn the corner.

As for Chris Jackson he’s a nice enough fellow, but totally out of touch with today’s membership. A challenge to Nick’s leadership would, I think, be welcomed by many members as it would give us a chance to show our support for the best possible Chairman of the British National Party, Mr Nick Griffin.

Chris Hill

Bovis said...

I happen to know both Chris and Nick, Chris vaguely and Nick better. We're lucky to have such huge support round these parts and Nick travels up on a regular basis. I don't know the other two.
As has been said before Nick is a highly intelligent man of integrity who could rise to the top of any of the three main parties. His knowledge of history and Nationalism in general is encyclopedic and he is a huge asset to the party in fact he 'is' the present day party as we know it and if anything happened to him it would be a huge huge loss. Chris is a decent speaker but he couldn't lace Nicks boots and he knows it, anyone who thinks he's the answer is seriously deluded. There are small problems but we're getting more and more professional by the day and a lot of good people are coming on board. Nick the man who's got us where we are now and is the man for the future.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Bovis,

Yes I 100% agree.

Chris Hill

The Green Arrow said...

celtic, as usual you are right in every thing you say. Like you, I one day hope to have a photograph taken of me shaking Nick Griffins hand.

But you are never to old to have heroes and even a roll model and Nick Griffin is both to me.

But also I also notice things like the website not being updated on a regular basis and the very important comments section should be done daily. No matter what the effort and cost. The web is our showroom to the world. It is just not good enough at the moment.

I also think their reply to you was bang out of order. Some people are sensitive - thank God not men of your caliber - and would just think "sod you then" and vanish.

Let me give you an example of what is wrong with our "middle management".

I wrote to HQ a month or so back asking for information on Nick Griffin so I could do an article on him to counter the muck from the reds. I would have polished it until it shone like a diamond.

All I received (eventually) was a link to the Chairmans blog.

Not good enough. The BNP Chairman deserves to be served better.

I will mail again and if I do not get it I will hitch hike up to the Farm and get a biography of the man myself.

The Green Arrow said...


I am not a deeply religious man but I believe in my own way.

This might sound silly and trite but I actually pray for God to keep Nick Griffin safe because I fear for his life and what his loss would mean to our Country.

I bet I am not the only one either, who prays for him and to worry about his safety.

Anonymous said...

I see that Lancaster UAF and Indymedia are backing Jackson. I suspect he is a dupe of outside forces.

Jackson is complaining about a 200 word statement for each candidate in the members bulletin and 750 on the website. This is more than most other parties and unions give!

Jackson is also complaining that the election will take place in three weeks. If it is long enough for a General Election campaign why not a BNP leadership one? He has known for ages that he was intending to stand and has had plenty of time to prepare. What a loser!