Monday, 4 June 2007

Scotland Invaded

Foreign Invaders landing in Faroes

Well not quite, but the enemy scouts have landed in force and are finding new routes for their main body to enter Our Country. There is an article over on The Scotsman that you can read here.

Immigration officers have launched an operation to uncover the extent of the problem after the discovery in recent weeks of a number of illegal workers living in the North-east who had exploited common travel areas between Denmark, the Faroes and Shetland to reach the UK.

It makes very interesting reading. Why not pop over, depress yourself and then write a nice comment to share with others. See you there.

If Scotland want a real Nationalist Party then they should support the real thing. The British National Party, speaking for a united Great Britain. The A Team that beat the World.


Celtic Morning said...

So immigration officers have instigated an enquiry to find the extent of the problem . Blair will hope they report back quickly , before he leaves Downing Street ,so he can find funds to help these illegals get to the mainland and settle in their new country . After all , he's just rewarded the sons of the dead paedophile who plot and scheme in our universities with one million pounds of our money . The evil swarthies cant fail , the more they protest and whinge , the more money is given to them . I despair for Britain . In WW2 all Italians and Germans were interred until it could be proven they were no threat to us . Now that the very real enemy is Islam and the consequences of defeat even more sinister for the British , we encourage our enemy ,we assist him , we actually provide the funds for him to wage his bloody campaign against us . Maybe there will be a huge atrocity in one of our cities soon - perhaps it will take that to finally rouse " the sleeping little pigmy wimp " - modern Britain.

Anonymous said...

Green I have been busy over at the Scotsman

Aberdeen WED

Anonymous said...

well said Celtic


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning, that is what I fear is going to need to happen before more white Britons wake-up and smell the coffee. It's a part of the national character of the British people that we we wait until our backs are to the wall and only then start to fight back.

Anonymous said...

I strongly endorse the last sentiment in your post. Simply put, the SNP are FAKES with a Capital F. In reality, they don't give a damm about Scotland. TRUE nationalist parties wouldn't have an open-door immigration/asylum policy like they do or want to want to have 'independence in Europe'