Thursday, 21 June 2007

Clouds over Corsham

A "local" demonstrator. How local is local in Corsham?

I am not sure what planet Tim Lezard of the NewStatesman is on but it is certainly not ours. Unless of course I have slipped into another dimension where black is white and white is black, in which case I apologise.

Now we all know how many locals turned up for Kylie's Curry and Bongo day, which incidentally coincided with the excellent BNP member, Michael Simpkins attending one of his first meetings as a democratically appointed Councillor.

But Tim, nice but Dim, who appears to be incredibly stupid for believing the likes of young Kylie Thornhill. You remember. The wannabe politician who was not even aware of the elections and whose first demo failed because of his failure to tell anyone about it. Wrote in the rag that employs him;

When people in the genteel Wiltshire market town, famous otherwise for being the home of Camilla Parker Bowles, realised what had happened, they turned out in force to protest.

This being the Cotswolds, it wasn't your average demo: the 400 locals who attended tucked in to chocolate cakes and sandwiches provided by local businesses

Now make your mind up guys. Was it Curry or was it Chocolate Cakes?

Read the rest of the rubbish here. Especially the hard man of politics little speech;

"We're careful now to lock our windows and doors. Every sound at night takes on a different significance, and we're always watching our backs, checking behind us,"
says cowardly Thornhill. You can catch up on the story with this link.

So what should you be doing now? Yep. Applying for membership of the British National Party. Unless of course you are an aborigine or an Eskimo.


Anonymous said...

Was that Bob Marley flown in for the event, or just another lay about dole-ite protesting while I am working to pay his benefit?. One thing is for sure, the UAF and other anti democratic gangs have got to be the most ugly and abnormal people in the country, the real misfits, no wonder they are scared shitless of normality returning to the country.

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

These people sicken me - the sooner we return to a properly elected government for our people the better. As an ethno nationalist i support solidarity in its aims and will be joining very shortly - the likes of the TUC and UNISON are sellouts to our nation.