Thursday, 14 June 2007

Open Season on Christians in Nigeria

A sign in Lagos, Nigeria. Dare you?

I remember only too well my visit to Lagos, Nigeria. The first thing you notice when sailing into the port via the river is the stench that you start to notice miles off shore.

Long wooden boards extended from the shore out over the river and these were used by the population as latrines. I have memories of being on the Bridge of HMS Monkton as she sailed into port observing the black faces on these boards looking back over their shoulders as we moved slowly past them and the Russian Compound and to our berth. Later I would learn that the patterned scars that crossed their faces were to show their tribe of origin.

During my stay, the local Whites in desperation for news from Old Blighty, grabbed as many of us Brits as they could as house guests and our crew were farmed out to these wonderful people who made us welcome. My particular host was, an even then, elderly gentleman and his wife, who had informed that he had worked as one of Churchill's War staff. They were now running a rubber plantation. The stories he told me in the Plantations Library in the damp evenings were fascinating to a young teenage sailor.

Whilst there I learned of the Black Africans casual attitude towards death and their cruelty towards one and other. Years later when watching film from South Africa of the car "Tyre Necklaces" tied to living enemies and then sat alight would remind me of the conversations we had. One of the most popular free events in Lagos, was the public executions and although offered a ring side seat, I am afraid I declined but by all accounts they were joyous lively affairs - except of course for the "criminals".

All these memories came back when I first wrote about the horrific death of school teacher, Chrisianah Oluwatoyin Olusae who was stoned to death by her female Moslem pupils for supposedly damaging a copy of the Quran.

But in that dark benighted land, Islam as an evil Cult fits as neatly as a tailored glove for the mindset of the people already brutalized by years of tribal conflict.

Which is why, I was not surprised when I received an email from the Cat pointing me to this link that reveals that all the sixteen student suspects involved in the murder have been released without charge. Islam has taken Nigeria by the throat - God help them.

But Nigeria is a world away so why worry? Because that world is creeping towards us like an army of Soldier ants devouring everything in its path and our Dhimmi politicians have build the bridges for them to cross into our land.

Time to wake up your friends, work colleagues and warn them about what is coming. It may be too late - some think it is and can see only civil war - until then we must keep ringing the alarm bell. For Gods sake join the British National Party and stamp on the killers ants of Islam.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.


MrSmith said...

'Damaging' a copy? Don't you mean 'touching' a copy, Green Arrow?

Anonymous said...

Nigeria - who cares?