Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Thank God he has gone.

Dhimmi Blair and his creature earn a new living as washer women

Gone. Thank God he has gone. Thank God also he has taken that thing with him. I was getting totally fed up with friends and family greeting me with. "Hi, how are you? I hate that bastard Blair and his Bitch".

Even people who you or I would consider sheep people, with no interest in how their Country is being stolen from them managed to find something about this self seeking duo to hate.

And what is he to be? Well he and his charity stealing wife are off to the middle east to first walk on water, feed the masses and then save the World. After that he will be of to save the Universe. Look out Flash Gordon.

Well they are gone and now we have the Brown Clown, who according to the news this morning informed me that he was very well respected by the electorate for his handling of the economy. Nothing. Nothing at all about how many thousands of peoples lives he ruined when he stole their pension money. Nothing about the dozens of hidden taxes he brought in. Just simpering praise for a man without a mandate. Vomit inducing stuff.

And do you think Tonie is worried about going into the Lions Den? Of course not. He thinks he is the new Messiah and so if anything happens to him, he will of course be reserected.

Well I think the British National Party will have a few questions to ask Mr Blair some time down the road. The sooner you join the BNP, the sooner they can ask those questions.


Celtic Morning said...

What a send off ! A standing ovation from all sides of the house as the Cameron public school twit signalled his troops to join in . How fitting , three parties uniting as one to send the arch traitor on his way . What else could we expect . Three parties ARE one , they offer no choice , whoever you vote for you get the same contempt , the same result . They proved it today by rising to applaud a man who lied to us for ten years and turned our country into a multi culti murderous hell . We have not yet reaped the results of his mis management , maybe the dour Scot will collect . Its coming , and when it does perhaps the British sheep will then find their spirit and rise to take back their country and take revenge on those who have sold it out for the last sixty years .One patriotic party to replace three sleaze bound , self serving ,collections of the worse kind of specimen . The traitor who disowns his own people , his own country and delivers them into destruction . When that day finally arrives there will be much work to be done .

The Green Arrow said...

I watched it also Celtic and I felt physically sick by those M.P.s behavior. I am not too sure whether William Hague stood. If he did he was amoungst the last.

They all belong to the same political party called the Lib/Lab Con alliance.

Anonymous said...

Green your photo made me ROFL but then I thought that maybe, just maybe, there ARE some people who should be forced to wear traditional islamist dress at all times. As a service to the people. Because there are some things no-one should see !!

Anonymous said...

Surely even the most braindead Tory must now realise the CONServative Party is A PART OF THE PROBLEM and NOT the solution by now?

Cameron is a typical 'Old school' Tory who because he has attended Eton basically thinks the Labour Party are 'quite pleasant chaps' really and just can not begin to comprehend that New Labour is a revolutionary party (obviously not in terms of its economic policies but in its social views which amount to hard-left PC).

It's because of ex-public schoolboys like Cameron with their naive belief that the Labourites opposite are basically decent, patriotic chaps at heart that we aere in this mess. The Tory Party IS NO OPPOSITION.