Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Nick Griffin and the BNP

I have copied the following from the Britain Backwards site as it might reach a wider audience......

Why do stories about alleged 'corruption' within the BNP surface with such monotonous regularity on the Internet? Well, there are two possible reasons:
First, that they are true, with BNP leader Nick Griffin leading a gang of about a dozen crooks who conspire relentless to rip off the party and live the life of Riley.
Second, that they are untrue, but that the powerful and fanatical interet groups, which routinely spend vast amounts of money and energy trying to halt the rise of the British National Party openly, also run covert black propaganda operations designed to hit the party's donations and so hamper its progess.

Which is more likely? To work this out we need to look at half a dozen key FACTS:

FACT 1) Nick Griffin has a Cambridge Law degree, has run rings around the best barristers that the Crown Prosecution Service have thrown at him in three free speech trials, and has demolished every Establishment 'big gun' radio and TV interviewer he has ever faced. If the man was in it for the money, he certainly wouldn't be in the BNP!

FACT 2) Land Registry records confirm that Nick's wife brought their home in Wales on a mortgage for £25,000 in the early 1990s. Obviously prices have gone up since then, but it's hardly the price of a palace.

FACT 3) When travelling on speaking tours, Mr. Griffin invariably stays at the homes of BNP members. All other political leaders use plush hotels. Who's on the gravy train and who isn't?

FACT 4) The finances and financial records of the BNP, which the Electoral Commission classifies as a 'major party', are therefore by law closely monitored not only by internal staff but also by an independent auditor who is bound by his professional code to ensure that everything is handled properly. His complete audit is in turn gone through with a fine toothed comb by officials from the Electoral Commission. The chances of money being illictly raised, spent or stolen under such a system are effectively zero. The fiances of the modern BNP are the most open and transparent of any party in the history of British nationalism.

FACT 5) Let's face it: Far from being a passport to luxury, high living and privilege, running the BNP - in a country with Islamic terror cells, endemic violence among certain immigrant communities, left-wing thugs and a Politically Correct legal system operated by a totalitarian government - is a dangerous as well as a thankless task.

FACT 6) The BNP is the only household name party in the UK which is 'in the black'. Alll the others are mired in massive debt, because running a political party's central machine is a very costly exercise.

So why do a handful of people tell lies about the BNP's finances, and a slightly bigger group constantly recycle them? There are four KEY POINTS:

POINT 1) Any head of any organisation will at times have to discipline individuals within that organisation, and to defend the interests of the organisation against rivals. Both the punished guilty and jealous rivals have clear motives for lying about the man who has put them in their place, or the successful organisation that blocks their own personal or group ambitions.

POINT 2) Liberal-left journalists and editors are always looking for ways to damage the party, and recycling black propaganda lies is an obvious way to try to scare off potential donors and members.

POINT 3) Well-financed organisations like Searchlight have been shown over and over again to run 'moles' in nationalist organisations, and to use them to spread lies and rumours intended to destablise their targets and set genuine nationalists against each other.

POINT 4) Under English law, political parties cannot sue for libel, and a libel action by an individual about whom lies have been told costs somewhere between £50,000 and half a million pounds. And who is a London (multi-racial) jury going to say it believes - Nick Griffin or some bitter old has-been or opposition 'grass'? The only people who benefit from libel actions are the lawyers, and the only people who can afford them are the mega rich. So the lies will keep coming, and the only sensible thing to do is to ignore them.

So don't do the enemy's work for them. The next time you come across tales about the BNP or its leadership, don't pass them on as gossip, delete them for the baseless lies they are. And tell whoever is spreading them to get off the back of the people who have done more than anyone else to throw a whole bag of spanners into the evil workings of multi-culturalism in Britain - the British National Party, as built and led by Nick Griffin.


Anti-gag said...

I don’t like hero worship and Nick Griffin isn’t perfect, but he is, at least in my opinion, the most honest and straight forward politician in Britain today. He has taken a small insignificant party (BNP Circa 1999), whose only boast was that it had once won a parish council seat somewhere, and turned it into a political force that won over three quarters of a million votes in the 2004 European elections.

Now, of course, the credit for the success of the British National Party over the last 5 years, belongs to the party’s grass roots members. But it must also be recognised that none of that would have been possible without Nick’s leadership.

He also has one other asset going for him, his charisma! He is without a doubt the most charismatic leader of any political party today. Anyone hearing him speak could not fail but to be impressed by his; oratory, style, and vision of our future.

Nick Griffin has the support of the overwhelming majority of the party’s membership, and under his leadership the British National Party is heading for the ultimate victory: a BNP prime minister, in number 10, within the next 20 years.

Now ask yourself why these people want to initiate malicious rumours about Nick Griffin, well how else can they do?

Chris Hill

A,G, Bagget said...

I have seen the website mentioned and was left in no doubt that it was a nasty, mendatious set up. Did not fool me for one minute

LionHeart said...

Nobody is perfect, we are all fallible to make mistakes, even Nick Griffin and it is my personal belief knowing the facts that Mr Griffin has made a very serious mistake in listening too and backing Mr P Harrington in relation to the Solidarity Trade Union, over and above a loyal proud BNP member.

If someone shows crooked tendancies and then you back and support that person, you are inadvertantely aligning yourself with corruption.

Like i say, we can all make mistakes.

God bless you GA