Sunday, 1 July 2007

The Curse of Stefan Musich

Belgrade was bombed four times more during the same century: in 1914 by Austrians and Germans, in 1941 by Hitler and in 1944 by the British Royal Air Force (on Easter day). The last attack on Belgrade occurred during the NATO bombing campaign in 1999

Bombed Into Joining the European Union - Our Fate should we choose to leave it?

“The EU membership of Serbia will be a guarantee that something like that will never happen again”, said the President of the Republic adding that “on this sad anniversary we must reaffirm our strong commitment to join the EU”

Back in March, 1999, I created a post about attacks on Serbia by British warplanes. The responses from the federal European supporters were extremely hostile. Then as now, they do not like the truth being revealed.

NATO's unprovoked attack on a sovereign state without
the consent of the British people and without a formal
declaration of war makes Blairs actions no better than
those of the Japanese when they attacked Pearl Harbour
without warning.

I believed that then and I believe it now. With the passing of time and a much, much improved Internet, more of the truth can be revealed about the disgusting betrayal of the people of Serbia and Kosovo by Land Hungry politicians obsessed with building a greater European Union.

I am not going to dive deep into the history of Kosovo, suffice it to say that to the Serbian People it is sacred to them. And not in the stupid way that a cow is sacred to a bunch of white wannabe Hindus. But sacred in the sense that Serbian people have fought and died for centuries to defend their homeland. The soil is mixed with their peoples blood.

It is because of the heroic bravery of the Serbians, that the evil of Islam as been held at bay. Centuries ago, we let them pay the price in blood to fight for us on the plains of Kosovo. And we have continued to let them pay the price in the war against evil ever since.

At the beginning of the 2nd World War, Serbia, although surrounded by enemies refused to support Hitler and paid a terrible price. When the brave Serbs demonstrated against the Nazis, Belgrade and other cities were bombed and their country occupied.

Ruling them now were the Ustashe, some of the most murderous creatures that the Cult of the Dead Paedophile has ever spawned. Concentration camps were soon build and 750,000 Serbs died in the attempted Genocide of the Christian Serbs.

But the Serbs are a brave heroic people, I wish we further west were as brave, they still resisted and many allied airmen shot down over Serbia owe their lives to the Serbian Resistance fighters who rescued them from the clutches of the Ustashe. How ironic, that the people who saved our pilots then would be bombed by their children just a few decades later.

By the end of the war, Serbia had lost over 10% of their population and huge tracts of their land was now in the hands of the Moslems in German created Countries.

For those of you with strong stomaches, then you can read here about and see images of how the Croat and Moslem fascists treated the defenseless Serbian population when they had control. They were as evil and soulless then as they are now.

Then in the late 90's, the camel shoved more than just its head into the Kosovan tent. The Moslem population had increased to over the deadly 10% where the host country is in terminal danger. They had reached 40% and were now demanding the things they are always demanding. Total submission to Islam or Death.

And now we see the future for Great Britain in what happened next. The Serbs resisted against the atrocities carried out by the KLA, Muslim Murderers and their demands to hand over the Sacred Soil of Kosovo to the Death Eaters and fought back.

Now the politicians in the West had the perfect chance to destroy the fiercely patriotic Serbs and launched their cowardly attacks against the civilian population by bombing Belgrade, just as the Nazi had done in the 40's. The European Union wanted land. The Nazi wanted land. And now controlling the present they control the past but the truth will out, it always does. The rest is history as they say.

The population now of Kosovo is 90% immigrant Moslems from Albania. We let them steal the sacred soil of Serbia. The Country that as fought our battles for centuries. One day we must repay them. We can do nothing less.

Now that Our Country has passed the deadly 10% of Moslems living here what does the future hold? I have just told you. The only question, now is. Will a Country that as had its armed forces reduced to those of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera be able to resist the forces of Eurabia when they come to bomb us into submission the way we bombed the Serbs into submission and into the European Union? Let us hope we never have to use:

The Curse of Stefan Musich

If any Serb, or man of Serbian birth,
Or any man of Serbian kith or kin,
If any such a man comes not with me
To battle on the field of Kosovo -
Never shall he know a son or daughter.
Whatsoever he may touch shall wither:
Vineyard, field of wheat - his sweat and labour
Fruitless, and his generation barren!


Zlatan Vrabac said...

Well written!

I hope you make more observations on the Balkans in the future.

Celtic Morning said...

GA , Once again you bring to our attention facts which our establishment masters dont want us to know . I always had sympathy for the Serbs and never totally accepted the "humanitarian " case against them though we were only ever shown one side of it . I followed the links in your post and I was shocked , I thought I was aware of just about every depth of mans inhumanity to man in this modern world . The Serbs have been persecuted by the west simply for standing up for their heritage and history . The more I read of it , the clearer it becomes that the west certainly backed the wromg horse in the Balkans . Its high on the list of Toni's crimes against humanity . Will we ever see him in the courtroom at the Hague ?

Nikola said...

Nice post and I thank you yet again for your support. There are a few things that I would like to elaborate on, and I will do so in the next couple of day once I have finished with some research I have to do.