Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Solidarity - Response to bogus Investigation

Solidarity as you know, has had its fair share of teething problems but has not only managed to overcome them but also to continue to grow.

These days when all the Dhimmi trade unions are more concerned with mad multicultural policies then looking after the interests of their dwindling membership it is great for British Workers to now have the chance to join a real patriotic union that speaks out for and defends the rights of them irregardless of who they vote for.

And now that its members have recovered their Union, we can learn more about the efforts of certain individuals to remove the Union out of the Nationalist sphere. There is a very detailed report here on their site that reveals the real truth.

It is also great news for British National Party members to have a real union to represent them instead of hounding them in their workplaces.

Good Luck Solidarity and good luck the BNP.


Anonymous said...

As a loyal member of the Nationalist Trade Union Solidarity I would like to thank you and others for their continued support and words of encouragement. Our General Secretary, Pat Harrington, has been the subject of a relentless campaign of villification by traitors and enemy agents. It seems that Nationalist leaders like him and Nick Griffin are personally targeted. We must rally round and defend them. They are our best hope for a better Britain.

Anonymous said...

As a loyal founding member of the properly constituted Solidarity, run by the properly elected Executive Committee, Tim Hawke and Clive Potter, I hereby state that any "executive" that has taken on a role at the illegal "EGM" that was called by Patrick Harrington and anyone joining this sham "union" is either ignorant of the fact or has not a shred of integrity. What sort of bully boys steam-roller ahead and bull-doze out of the way executives that the MEMBERS voted for in February 2006 at the AGM?

Enjoy your fake "union" while it lasts.