Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sham-bles. The Saga of Shambo Continues

I wonder if an enricher was the original cause of the outbreak?

Well Shambo, the wannabe Hindu's sacred cow has gone but his disease lives on in other animals at the Skanda Vale temple in Wales. Perhaps his earlier dispatch might have saved them from being infected. I doubt it but you never know.

Back in May, it seems they the Welsh Assembly knew that both another cow and a water buffalo were also infected but allowed to continue living and spreading T.B. For information, about a 1000 people a year will cough their lungs up as a result of infection from cattle. Parents should consider that risk when considering a visit to the temple to see what Hinduism is all about.

Now it appears that another four water buffalo and another cow are possibly infected out of the herd of 40 cattle and 13 water buffalo.

Mr Williams, who is a farmer in Cilcain, North Wales, said: “I am very surprised these animals are still there after this length of time. If they have tested positive they should have been removed as soon as possible. They should be removed well within a 28 day period because they are a source of infection.

“It could have an effect on the national herd. The risk is there. It is a very nasty debilitating disease.

“Why the Assembly is dragging its feet I’m not sure. It’s quite possible all the cows at Skanda Vale could get TB. We cannot continue like this when there is a serious infection. If it is indigenous on a farm you’re going to have to kill all of them.

And the reaction of the spineless Welsh Assembly. Another slap in the face to the law and another slap in the face to people of Wales health. They have refused to say when or even if the animals will be slaughtered.

A spokescreature said: “The Welsh Assembly Government is continuing to work with Animal Health and other agencies to manage the TB breakdown at Skanda Vale and is assessing what other action is necessary to protect human and animal health.

What other action? Invent a drug they can feed into the water to make us forget all about Skanda Vale and the T.B. carrying cattle?

The Welsh People need representatives in the Welsh Assembly who will protect not only their jobs but also their health and that of their children. The Welsh People need the British National Party. By the same token the BNP need the people of Wales to support and join them before they can put things right.


Anonymous said...

All Pat Condell videos here.

Celtic Morning said...

Ever since the Shambles saga began I have pointed out that the land is situated in heavily populated badger country and until they are controlled farm animals, and humans,will be liable to infection. If the Hindu's are shown to have other animals which are infected then they should be treated exactly as the Welsh farmers are treated and that means cull the lot. So here we go again, more delays, more legal challenges, more buck passing. Just get in there,pdq and without prior warning or publicity and put the bloody things down.Once it's done they can bang their drums and chant as much as they like, it's too late.Why do we take notice and try not to hurt the feelings of religious nutters from far off lands?

felicity said...

One of the most depressing sights at the scene of Shambo's capture were the hippy dippy white "Hindu's" weeping for shambo...they were obviously infected by Shambo already.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for the reminder Felicity. I have updated the post with a link to the sad, white wannabe Hindus.