Sunday, 19 August 2007

Chinese Blogger Jailed

Censorship by the Lib/Lab/Con pact

I suppose I should be thankful for being a True Brit blogger, because if I was a Chinese blogger I would now be facing a four year jail term like convicted Chen Shuqing.

Chen, obviously a very brave man was sentenced for "inciting to subvert state power" over the internet. I wonder what sort of sentences us Nationalist Bloggers would get? Buy a bullet off the state probably.

In an effort to prevent any defence for the freedom of speech fighter, his equally brave lawyer had his license refused in an attempt to silence him.

"It's totally wrong to convict him ... He was only expressing his political views. He should enjoy free speech," said the lawyer, whose licence was not renewed by authorities in his home province of Shandong, on China's east coast.

Li told Reuters he suspected he was barred from practising for at least one year from June because he took on "too many sensitive cases".

Why do we deal with Countries like China with their dreadful record on Human Rights? Are we so greedy for their planet polluting cheap goods that we buy from them whilst closing our own factories and depriving our fellow True Brits of jobs? Shame on me for buying that hat last week.
All over the world, bloggers have been imprisoned for speaking out against Islam and oppressive governments. Perhaps the most famous prisoner is Abdel Kareem Nabil Soliman of Egypt who was sentenced to four years. Three years for insulting Islam and an additional year for insulting President Mubarak. You can read about Kareem and the campaign to release him here.

In Europe, they already jail people who dispute the numbers of people who died in the death camps during the second world war. One view only is permitted and no questions allowed.

I imagine the rotating dictatorship of the Lab/Con pact dream of the day when they do the same here and start locking up the nationalist bloggers who daily dig for the truth.

When they do start locking us up, I hope they put us all in one camp. It will be a chance to meet all the great nationalist bloggers who will one day be put on trial for incitement to hatred or some other trumped up charge. I can already see the Aberdeen Organiser getting together an escape committee. I think we should have three tunnels. We could call them Tom, Dick and Harry.

You can help keep freedom of speech alive by joining the British National Party and voting BNP during elections at any level.

My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.

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