Saturday, 4 August 2007

Gridlock at Muslim Convention

RESIDENTS were angered when thousands of Muslims descended on their small village at the weekend causing chaos and disruption. The sleepy village of East Worldham was disturbed on Friday evening when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK opened its 41st annual convention Jalsa Salana at Oaklands Farm.

It is the second time the event has been held at this site and the East Worldham community say both times have been a disaster. The police closed off both ends of the B3004 preventing any more traffic travelling into East Worldham, as well as clearing cars which had been parked illegally.

Jean Green who lives in Four Marks was trying to visit her mother who lives in Kingsley when she ran into the road blocks. Mrs Green said: “The situation was ridiculous. The roads around East Worldham can’t take 25,000 people. I couldn’t get down to see my mother at all over the weekend.

People in taxis had to wait ages to get past the road blocks and it cost them a fortune. “They say they sent a letter to the community saying they regret the inconvenience, but my mother did not get one. “The signs didn’t go up until a few days before and to be honest it felt like residents were not invited. We want to see this event stopped. It is just the wrong place for it.” A taxi driver who was caught in the melée said: “I spent two hours in a jam on Friday – it was ridiculous. I lost money during the weekend, because of the event. This is the wrong place to have this event. The roads round here can’t take that volume of traffic. “On Sunday we all had to wait for their VIP guest to arrive and they came down the middle of the road and made turnings that we would not have been allowed to make. “All weekend visitors to the convention made illegal U-turns in the road and parked in illegal spaces. The police allowed them to do it. If I had done any of that I would have been fined.”

In a letter to the people of East Worldham, the president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK, Rafiq Hayat, said: “I write to you to apologise most sincerely for the inconvenience you had to suffer yesterday and last night due to the logistical problems that we had at our annual Convention at Oaklands farm. “This was particularly the result of very poor weather conditions and inspite of the best efforts of the police and our volunteers, the ground situation may have been of inconvenience to our neighbours. “Action was taken immediately in consultation with the police to remedy the situation. Please accept my sincere apologies and please accept a small token of good will [a box of chocolates] from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. I sincerely hope you will all be able to join us during the convention and enjoy our hospitality.”

Chf Insp Phil Kedge said: “Due to unprecedented weather over the last few weeks, the fields on the festival site were unable to hold the volume of traffic. “On the Friday, this resulted in some vehicles parking in and around East Worldham. We responded quickly, putting into place contingency plans. Vehicles parked illegally were towed away and as a result of the positive intervention by police and event organisers, similar problems were prevented on the Saturday and Sunday. “I was at the event and spoke to some residents. The people I met understood the problems and the village responded well in assisting police and event organisers to identify and resolve problems.”

Last week police issued a warning to drivers about possible delays on the B3004, particularly the Sleaford to Alton Road. They also warned of delays on the A325 from Wrecclesham to the Sleaford traffic-lights in rush hour. They said officers would be assisting with the additional traffic and providing a visible presence.

Dr Basharat Nazir, press officer and one of the main organisers of the event said: “We are very keen to be good neighbours in the community. We want to have good links here with the police, the councils and with the residents as we do over in Tilford. “We moved here because we have simply outgrown our previous venue at Islamabad near Tilford, but we are keen to make sure we cause as few problems for the community as possible. “Residents are welcome to come to our convention and enjoy our hospitality. We are not secretive or closed to non-Muslims. We want to promote peace and harmony and wish to reach out the hand of friendship to our neighbours. “We are happy to listen and work together with everyone to make this event run as smoothly as possible for everyone affected.

Tom Horwood, head of communication and Policy at EHDC, said: “Our role here has been, and will continue to be, to co-ordinate the event, although traffic co-ordination is dealt with primarily by the organisers in conjunction with the police and HCC. “We held monthly meetings with the different services that would be involved in the event such as the fire service and the police and we will be holding another meeting in September with all the services and the organisers of the event to debrief and discuss the problems. “Of course the weather made everything much more difficult this year, but we need to be prepared for every eventuality.” The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK applied to the council last year to build a car park on the land. The council turned down its application. l Picture spread – Page 12 l ‘Peaceful message of hope’ – Page 14



I will be writing more about this later after doing my chores. Where are all the protests from the mad multicultrulists?


Anonymous said...

I dont see many signatures on this petition.
Whats up? not got the balls to stand up for what you say in the nationalist blogs??
So much for BNP supporters, bunch of tossers more like!

Anonymous said...

The above comment makes me laugh, why do these people come along and pass vitriolic comments when not allowing comments to be left on their own blogs?. But in essence your'e probably correct lefty, the problem this country has is that no one speaks up any longer, which allows the likes of you to go around unchallenged. Of course having dealt with UAF and other similar groups this is the only way that they would have the BALLS to say these things - ANONYMOUSLY. But be aware lefty, when the day comes that your immigrant friends take over, unless you are the same as them, they certainly wont tolerate your "alternative" ideals or lifestyles, that will be your day of awakening, something which a growing number of your comrades, especially of the gay variety, have realised, and ironically prefer the BNP policy of "dont ask dont tell" than being stoned to death in public...

Anonymous said...

Any imbecile who supports this massive influx of immigrants, and Muslims especially, deserve all that it brings along with it.One day it will bite them in the arse,if not themselves,then their children and grandchildren.What a lovely legacy they are leaving them,strangers in the land of their forefathers.They will curse them for their short sightedness.

Paul said...

One has to wonder exactly what happens at a Muslim convention?
Thanks to Undercover Mosques Ch 4 we have a rough idea what goes on in the mosques, what exactly are they practicing at a convention.......blocking all exit routes out of town after a massive explosion, or simply the hindrance of emergency services to attend the wounded?
Was this a "dry run", if it was it was successful.

Mother Ecclesiastica said...

25,000 Muslims all in the same place.

Bombs away!!

Anonymous said...


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A positive identification will show up as 'MUSLIM' in the ORIGIN column.

Of course the fact that a child was baptised by his parents with a Muslim name doesn't necessarily make him a Muslim now. But it does flag a possible problem.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe some of the comments here. I attended the convention and there was a huge banner hung at the back of the main marquee reading "Love for All Hatred for None"

In addition the entire proceedings were broadcast on Sky Channel 787 anyway could have attended so there is no need for this introverted racist view. The proof is in the pudding go and have a look.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon. Believe them. Because one thing is for sure. We do not believe one single word that Moslems utter. I assure you that we the True Brits will reclaim Our Country, just as India reclaimed theirs. Time for Hegira.

"He who doesn't practice al-Taqiyya, doesn't practice his religion." - Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq of Ahlul-Bayt

We are left wondering then whether all good Muslims practice Al-taqqiya to further Allah's aims of an all Islamic world.

Here's another quote -
"Do the media and people of the Western world also know that there is a deceptive strategy in Islam which is called Taqiyya, which comes from the time of Prophet Muhammad himself? Taqiyya is a deceptive strategy for damage control. When Muslims are in trouble for the comments or actions of a memberor community of theirs, the rest must take recourse of lies and deception to chide the culprits even if he / she was correct according to Islam.

This is to ameliorate tensions, to divert attention, to conciliate and to persuade the offended party against harsh actions. Taqiyya would apply so long Muslims are not in a position to win a confrontation. The so-called moderate Muslims in the West have taken this role in all its perfection." - Alamgir Hussain

Haider said...

Seems like the organisors of the event did everything in their capacity to alleviate the problems they were faced with.

Traffic Jams at events are quite normal, even those which take place annually and are policed by hundreds.

Lets hope the council allow for a car park, so that there can be no repeat of this problem.

The Green Arrow said...

No. Let us hope we can get the event banned next year.