Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Female Circumcision - The real reason why.

The real truth about female circumcision

One thing I have never been unable to understand about Moslem women is why they allow themselves to be bullied and treated as less than human by what passes for their men.

The truth, of course is a combination of terror, brainwashing and keeping them in complete isolation and ignorance of the true world in order to keep them in the place ordained by the mad bastard paedophile Mohammad.

Now many people in the western world, especially men, read the words Female Circumcision and wrongly compare it to Male Circumcision, where the foreskin is removed leaving a nice shinny bell end that toughens with time. Hygiene wise, it easy to see the benefits and I for one am glad of the extra minute in its other uses.

But Female Circumcision is no little snip and a piece of skin thrown into the bin. It is surgery of the most cruel kind and for no other reason than the pleasure and satisfaction of men made mad by Islam. Men who order one of the three kinds of mutilation demanded by Sharia Law.

The first type is the removal of the entire clitoris or the clitoral hood.

Type two involves removing not only the clitoris but part of all of the inner vaginal lips.

Type three and the most popular in the sick Moslem world is the removal of the entire external genitalia. The wound is then sewn together, leaving a tiny hole, the size of a matchstick.

Needless to say, in countries like Pakistan, Malaysia and parts of Africa, the operation is carried out by untrained women using dirty instruments like razors and scissors.

And why this act of barbarism? By cutting and sewing up the girls, it ensures that they are virgins on their wedding day. The wound is then reopened for sex on the wedding night by using a knife. Women are for mens pleasure and childbearing only. To the mad moslems they have no other purpose.

Only the British National Party would really halt this evil act being carried out in Our Country and the parents of any child found to have been mutilated after being born in our country would be prosecuted, imprisoned and then deported.

Only a woman can understand the true horror of this abomination against women and if you are a mother and do not wish this fate to befall your daughters daughter then you must support the BNP.

Sunnah 1:8 Um Atiyyat al-Ansariyyah said:

"A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (pbuh) said to her: Do not cut too severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband'."

Previous article on this subject with source can be found here.


Celtic Morning said...

Extract from the recent book " The Islamist" by Ed Husain. The author was a member of Hizb ut Tahrir until he saw a little bit of sense and left after being very active for a number of years. Here's what one of the "brothers" told him about women." We're talking about the plague here.Women are like the plague. Avoid them at all costs." Seems like good advice to me and if the brothers only followed that advice closely then in a few short years there would be none of the bastards left. End of Islam. Truth is they are AFRAID of women which is why they beat them, abuse them, and keep them subdued."Avoid them like the plague!!" No wonder they have sex with boys, girls, goats, camels, and anything else they can find which their comic book Koran approves of.

Anonymous said...

Muslimahs allow themselves to be bullied in this manner because it is done to them whilst they are still children....not physically nor mentally in a position to refuse.

Anonymous said...

Ps....forget the imprisonment, it's my taxes that keep them.....just prosecute then deport the hogs.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

This is what the mad lefties are storing up for their own grandchildren, do they really think if Islam takes over their Dhimmi children will be excempt from special treatment. I wonder if social services should be visiting parents that hate their own offspring so much that this is what they want to inflict on them.

pps if you are reading BBC2 now British Mozzie Paki going home doc

Anonymous said...

Pfft! As if they'd admit to themselves that there's a great enough risk of it happening to warrant an investigation. Nonono, that'd be ray-cist, and nobody wants to be a nasty nasty ray-cist. Best run away from those horrible thoughtlessray-cists and stick our heads in the sand. Makes it easier for the pillagers to ravish the capitulated, too, so automatic dhimmi bonus points.

Aurora said...

I thought I knew all about female mutilation. I'm going to be sick.

Anonymous said...

Dirty, sick, heathen,barbarian bastards.These people are truly backward and vicious.

Anonymous said...

Your quote from the Prophet Muhammed is totally incorrect. Female circumcision is a practice left over from BEFORE Islam. Get your facts right. See www.islamtoday.net. One of the best things that Muhammed said is that an arab is not better than a black person, nor a white person better than an arab, except in piety.There's no room for racism in true Islam.Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 15.58

"There's no room for racism in tru Islam"

Well....give me a quick rundown on how to tell the difference between a "true Islamist" and an "untrue Islamist".....because I can only see and hear one Islamist voice.

Anonymous said...

There's no room for racism in true Islam

Really? What about all that Jew hatred in the Koran?

llamedos said...

"A practice left over from BEFORE Islam".Yet still mantained and carried out by those who follow Islam.Whether you consider it a "cultural practice"or not it appears to be yet another act of savagery associated with a barbaric,archaic cult!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the 'London Under Sharia Law' Youtube video has been taken down; does anyone know where else it might be hosted?

Felicity said...

Oh it'll be playing nightly in the mosques across the country. Those "places of worship" where you can buy the latest "behead your friend and rape his wife in three small stages"
Very visual religion Islam..only one book and according to the muslims many interpretations.
Kind of makes you wonder how allah's manual for manind is all over the plsace like some schiztophrenic illiterate nomad doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The "anon" one accusing the warning voice of GA is part of the problem. The lullaby

Anonymous said...

Allah says: “Help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and transgression.” [Sûrah al-Mâ’idah: 2]

How about practicing what your Holy(?) Book preaches and not the opposite as experienced by people all over the world every day????

Time you nutters woke up and took a look at yourselves and your religion/cult.

See yourselves as others see you, better judges may you be.

Forget the koran, that does your head in, go read the bible and find joy in life and living and not in death and destruction.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Harry said

Forget the koran,
--- Amen to that !

go read the bible and find joy in life and living and not in death and destruction.
--- I'm not so sure that will help much. Nip over to "http://www.evilbible.com/" and you'll see what I mean. If those who follow the religion I turned my back on when I could no longer stand the nepotism and misogyny (sp) practiced by some of its followers were to take up those holy words with the same enthusiasm as Ed Hussain's former pals, we'd have ourselves a re-run of trhe crusades ....

Hey that MIGHT not be such a bad idea. LET the followers of the Abrahanmmic faiths slaughter each other as Marcus Brigstoke sugegsted on "The Now Show" a week or so back ...

Then us enlightened aethists can finally get some peace and quiet.

And a lot more land, oil, food, water ...

Hey we might even establish paradise on earth ...

Oh Shit .... !

Anonymous said...

Rashid Sandhu, 29, a doctor at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston, is charged with sexually assaulting a female aged 13 and over.

He also faces 17 charges of making indecent photographs of children.

Mr Sandhu will appear at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court on 10 September. He has been suspended from the hospital since an investigation began in June.


Rashid is an Arabic Muslim name meaning 'rightly guided'.

Anonymous said...

enlightened aethists, are there such people? Im not so sure John of Gwent.
You didnt really read what I wrote, perhaps my punctuation needs an overhaul.
Although I referred to the Bible Im no church goer or believer in God. I did have what we would generally term a Christian upbringing.
God, to me, is a term for the infinite invisible the ever present power of the universe, the mind boggle power of the sub atomic world.
It's interesting to think that the energy that is me and around me and passing through me is the same energy that is you and everyone and everything else and the same energy that allows me to contemplate the energy that is me and you.

I heard Marcus Brigstoke on "The Now Show" too, and if I hadn't been driving I would have applauded, well I did in my mind so it's the same thing really. All things are created in the mind.


Dr C. Riyal Kilah said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
I am currently researching new medical procedures for the removal of the clitoris and surrounding (un)desirable tissues from the private parts of young girls.

In this modern day and age we Islamic doctors need to keep up with latest technology. I and my medical colleagues Dr Leeth Al-Dohs and Dr Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth have developed a promising new technique which allows us to dispense with the traditional broken glass and rusty razor blades.

Instead we can now perform an instant clitoridectomy by inserting a small but perfectly formed charge of Semtex shaped to vaporise the offending organ and nearby lustful wet and smelly bits.

Inshallah, may the glories of modern Islamic medical sciences soon rival those of Andalusia.

Allah Akhbar!!!!

- Dr C. Riyal Kilah

Anonymous said...

Is that a surgical instrument on the labia or is it a genital piercing?

Anonymous said...


That's one weird sick site you got that picture from GA, and nought to do with the muzzies.

masad08 said...

There are types of muslims these days.
Those from India/Pakistan/and more east: their "Islam" is nothing but myths, lies and fabricated behaviours.
Those in Africa: same, with different sources.
Those of Saudi arabia...the worst.

Circumcision is not but one of the worst stupid social behaviour people ins africa nad Asia attached to Islam from nowhere.

one more comment...Radhid Sandhu ...from the name Sandhu...he is bloody indian.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing extensive research on this subject and maybe you should go research more about this serious issue. Although some of what you have written here have truths, this post is more of a sartaric version of the truth. FGM is NOT required by any religion, including Islam. Please, please, please do more research on this matter.

An angry, serious African Student raised in the U.S.

P.S. No i have not been a victim of FGM but I know much about it.

Anonymous said...

Allah is the almighty!
Do refer to Al-Quran and As-Sunnah to get better life in this world.
Dont blame the Al-Quran if you dont even understand about it!
Allahu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

Please enrich your brain before you accuse Islam and Mulims for anything and everything. before you wirte a blog you should educate yourself. You should learn the differences between culture and religion. Whatever African Muslim females are doing thats totally part of their culture it has nothing to do anything with Islam and Muslim cultures. Don't be biased by western media. and if you are educated enought dont just point your finger to the Muslims and Islam always.

Anonymous said...

Ah, while I agree that FGM is a terrible practice and should be stopped, I have to disagree with most of what you said.

FGM is not a product of Islam. If you had done your research you would find that the majority of Islamic scholars around the world have declared FGM to be against Islamic morals. Not to mention the fact that FGM isn't even mentioned in the Quran.

FGM predated Islam in the Arab world as well as in Africa. In fact, to call someone a 'circumciser of women' was an extreme insult in the Arab world.

And just so you know who I am (not just some anonymous schmuck) my name is Yhsla Jones. You can email me at zippadeedooda(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Female circumcision is not made by islam, before you go writing things,you need to read about the facts first.It's wrong to make accusations when you don't know what the heck you're talking about. FGM is something that is cultural and is practiced by all religions unfortunately. I'm insulted at the fact that you sit here and try to make Islam seem like a bad religion. When it is clearly not!

Anonymous said...

as a teenage girl raised in the Islamic faith, not once have I ever heard of this. It is a cultural procedure, not religious, and if that were true, it would be the entire Islamic female population and not just certain countries. Do your research and know your facts, and re-think your opinions.

Anonymous said...

as a teenage girl raised in the Islamic faith, not once have I ever heard of this. It is a cultural procedure, not religious, and if that were true, it would be the entire Islamic female population and not just certain countries. Do your research and know your facts, and re-think your opinions.

Anonymous said...

That is insain! I can't believe that people would actuly consider circumsising their daughters! I know alot of muslim girls who have not been circumsised, I dout its religious. Its probly a cultural prodedure if anything (opinion).

I would hate to be circumsised as a child, I would never forgive my parents for making that disicion!

Anonymous said...

Hi.i'm a muslim from iran.i'm sure that in my country most of my people(which are muslims),don't circumsise.those who do this madness don't follow islam and are not muslims.it all about culture and in islam just men should do this.main problem is about people and not about religion.

Anonymous said...

im a muslim girl and this is the first time i hear this shit never had this done and neither does anyone i know!when it comes to male yes it is done as soon as they are born so it would be less painful and its much cleaner than most of ur forign dicks
so watch what u say when ur writing about other people and our prophet u only rely on what uv heard we live a good life and being protected by our men is keeping us away from all the shit u get into in openminded place like teen pregnancy and aids we are clean people and proud of our religion
(la ilah ila allah mohammad rasool alah)

Koneti Wilson said...

I have been circumcised, god damn it.

william said...

I am sorry! But if you think male circumcision is a simple snip, you are severely mistaken and NEED to see the operation being performed!!


When I watch that it makes me physically nausious!!!

In fact it takes over half an hour and is frequently performed with NO anaesthetic!

To accept male circumcision as "just a snip", and condemn the anatomically similar femal circumcision is a SEVERE case of double standards!! This hipocracy is something many Americans (in particular) are guilty of!

Personally I think that both procedures are unnecessary and barbaric!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with William, Both are totally barbaric procedures!

Er said...

Get some things straight. Female circumcision IS barbaric and horrible. BUT NOT ALL MUSLIMS PRACTICE IT. SOME DO. MANY DO NOT. I personally can tell you that because I have friends who are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic and many other religions and WE ALL THINK IT'S WRONG TO CIRCUMCISE A FEMALE.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm from Malaysia and this country DOES NOT practice Female Circumcision. So... please investigate carefully before you post anything as fact. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

whoever wrote this article is a prick...ya dont go round dissing ppls religions and prophets...theres a difference between religion and culture. Im from Sudan [in africa-thought id tell ya coz i know ya wont do ya research] nd i dont know anyone whose been circumcised, well, men are but not women! our religion says that you shoud RESPECT your body; not 'brainwashin' us to screw ourselves over. the women that get circumcised are usually women of certain tribes/casts and i think its more an african than asian thing [pakistan nd malasia are ruled out] and its mostly tha grandma's nd old ppl that force the kids to get it done coz of all this 'family pride' crap but there are adverts on many african channels that discourage it

Anonymous said...

Reliance of the Traveller - the classical manual of Islamic Sacred Law, certification of Al-Azhar, revised edition 1994 states:-

(e4.3) Circumcision is obligatory for both men and women.Hanbalis hold that circumcision of women is not obligatory but sunna, while Hanafis consider it a mere courtesy to the husband.

As this manual of Sharia law covers the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali jurisprudence one must presume that there are many muslims totally ignorant of their own religion and its tenets.

Last night I watched an excellent British documentary "Tribal Wives" where a young Scots girl lived with a tribe for a month. The particular tribe she lived with was the muslim Afar of Ethiopa. She had a frank discussion with the women whom she had become close to and they described how they had been mutilated when young and had to be cut open again to give birth. Afterwards their legs are tied together for several days until the bleeding stops. They were quite open about the beatings they received from their husbands for really minor offences - not having the food ready on time etc.

As for those muslimas who claim never to have heard of this practise - the Australian hospitals each see about 100 girls each year whose circumcision has gone wrong! The muslims tend to bring out one of their own to circumcise the girls or else send them back to their homeland. Their denial of the situation only serves to let this horrific practice continue.

In Egypt, this was made illegal BUT there are many surgeons prepared to perform this for a fat fee - Im sure there are some in every country because it has now become so risky for old women to do it in case the girl ends up in hospital! Obviously there are muslim parents who are prepared to pay rather then risk their daughter's lives and the ensuing questions that arise when the girls die or end up in hospital.

Mohammed did condone circumcision in the hadith, to deny it is to show utter ignorance of Islam. There are now a lot of non-muslims who seem to know more about Islam than muslims who, if they actually read the Quran, ahadith and Sira would probably get the shock of their lives but most seem to want to remain in denial. I do wish they would wake up and educate themselves about the oppression of women in Islam.

brooks said...

Tribal,cultural,religious or otherwise....this is a sick thing to do to a girl.Even worse that that is that in isolated places,they do not even use anaesthetic.SICK.

Anonymous said...

Well, first, you should show some respect to the others, the religions and Appologise for Muslims.
you are accusing all Muslims for that ignoring that they are just like any other group which have extremist parties on it.
I'm a Muslim and i wish you all the bad for insulting my prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
He never told us about women circumcision.
For me, it's a barbarian behaviour of some sick Muslims, who pretend to be Muslims and just apply all their sick stuff claiming that it is Islam.
I advice you to read further and know further about the world, before you start saying whatever.
I agree with you on the cruality of the fact and in my country that's never done, and that's concidered as a bad nasty sick thing.
However, i'm not mean like you in the way that i don't insult your prophets nor your creed.

Female circumcision is a devil idea of one of who are so sick and mentally disturbed, who seach for destroying Islam.
I am centrist, i'm emancipated and as you see i can communicate with your language! and use computers!! not as you imagine us!!
Camels and desert exist only in your imagination.
Learn something:
Next time when you want to insult some phenomenon, learn more about the specific population you want to accuse, and do not generalize.

not all Muslims are the same, and what is here is so extremist and bad, so instead of making useless insults, try to search for an explanation and remove that silly title and your Insult to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), stop being mean!
PS: you should be American, generally Americans accuse everything while sitting on their chairs, and reading a couple of things!!! read more, read more and read more and specify your audience next time.
Thank you for your reading.

Anonymous said...

Our little Muslim friend is much mistaken. FGMM most certainly is mentioned in the Koran - Mohead just said that the cuts should not be too severe. I have heard many Muslims defend their sick religion by claiming that FGM is cultural and not relgious. This is to deny of course that Islam is a culture - it is a complete way of life. What is not forbidden by god is allowed and FGM is not forgidden - as I said it is in fact endorsed.
Finally - stop claiming to be a moderate muslim - there can be no such thing. As a Muslim you are told to believe that the koran is the literal word of god (the fact that you have niether read nor understand it is imaterial) if you refutre or reject parts of the Koran you are a bad muslim - in fact an apostate.
Try and defend the sick religion invented by mohammed and his mates of you like - but you will lose. Your ignorance of your own religion will be exposed and you will be humiliated by the stupid things you are asked to believe. Debate these points with an ex muslim much wiser than me at faithfreedom.com and see the light.