Friday, 3 August 2007

Vodafone and the BNP

Content Control- The real threat to mobile bloggers

If you were one of the sheep people whose mind is still not capable of filtering out the truth from the MSM idea of what they think you should believe, you would get the impression that Vodafone pulling its adverts from Facebook was because the company was opposed to just the British National Party.

However, the truth is somewhat different. Vodafones statement reads;

"Our Public Policy Principles state that we do not make political donations or support particular party political interests and therefore to avoid misunderstandings we immediately withdrew our adverting as soon as this was brought to our attention."

Vodafone is only interested in money. They would sell phones! to toddlers if they thought they could get away it.

So if you want the truth then get it from BNP News. The time is coming when big business will be falling over themselves to offer donations and support to the British National Party. When they do come running, let us hope Nick Griffin and the BNP tells them where to go.

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