Monday, 13 August 2007

The British National Party and Facebook

Your smile is a thin disguise

Kind of amazing really this outcry against the British National Party on Facebook. The marxist led Unite Against Freedom group is trying to get the BNP banned from using Facebook for getting their message of truth out to our fellow citizens. Unable to engage in open debate, because they cannot deny the truth, they attempt to choke freedom of speech instead.

In this topsy turvy world we live in today, we have a company like Virgin Airways, whose senior executives should be languishing in prison because of their involvement in the recent British Airways scandal where millions of people were massively overcharged - I prefer robbed attempting to take the moral high ground against the BNP, the only honest political party left in Our sad Country.

Personally I think the BNP should refuse to allow any adverts from corrupt organisations like Virgin to appear next to their group pages on Facebook. You might like to visit this site for some interesting information on Virgin Airways and its treatment of paying passengers.

Virgin Atlantic escaped prosecution by blowing the whistle on its role in the illegal communications.

I am not a fan of Facebook myself but some of the BNP groups on there appear to be quite well organised and I am very pleased to say, contains lots of young supporters with good ideas. No wonder the establishment wants them removed. The children are the future. Why not join a group there today. See you over there.


Felicity said...

All publicity is good publicity, the more young people are warned off the BNP by Unite against Freedom the more the young's curiousity will be piqued.
The best way to make kids do anything is to warn them off it, tell them its bad and evil and order them not to do it!
I predict massive new membership for BNP youth.

Celtic Morning said...

I see the great viking, mr virgin himself, lost the plot on tv and threw his dummy out of the pram while being interviewed. Well actually, he threw a glass of water over his host. How are the mighty --full of their own importance.Time is overdue for this arsehole to be cut down to size.