Friday, 10 August 2007

How to cook a frog

The French Frog is being cooked slightly quicker than the British Frog

In numerous articles I have passed on to you the real aim of the alliance between global business and the marxists.

You have read about job losses to eastern europe, the involvement of the false hope of French President Sarkozy, supposedly giving into threats from the EU about trying to prevent Turkey joining the EU. But Sarkozy, who is not actually French is just part of the bigger plan. Eurabia. And so Sarkozy has been persuading the moslem countries the world over into forming a trade block. This is the precursor to their future membership en bloc into the new planned super state of Eurabia and finally a one world government.

A place where the big companies can easily relocate to the most desperate areas where the inhabitants will work just to exist. A Eurabia where the controllers of these multinational cooperations become richer than an ordinary man can comprehend.

Turkey is preparing to gradualy remove customs barriers with 18 Islamic countries by establishing a preferential trade system. It is set to remove high customs and non-tariff barriers with agreements to be signed next month with the following countries: the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Morocco, Guinea, Iran, Cameroon, Qatar, Libya, Lebanon, the Maldives, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Senegal, Syria, Tunisia, Uganda and Jordan.

The “Preferential Trade System between Members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference” project will be implemented after the framework agreement is signed

The moslems say that the best way to cook a live frog is not to put it in a pot on a high flame but to put in cold water and raise the temperature very, very slowly. And this is a tip the globalists have learned well in moving towards their final goal. A ratchet click, a change in the law, hardly noticed. Then another ratchet click. Cooking the frog of Our Country oh so very slowly that it is hardly noticeable. Until the end. A dead frog. A dead country. You know the rest.

I ask you that you use the search facility on the right and enter Turkey into some real insight into the future if we do not prevail.

If you wish your children to grow up as free men and women then you must help in the fight for their future. The British National Party cannot do it alone. They are not a shining Knight on a White Horse. They are you, me, your friends, your neighbours. They are the True Brits to who this land belongs. Be worthy of it. Join the BNP.

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Anonymous said...

British historian praises Turkey

Speaking to London’s Sunday Times, expatriate British Historian Norman Stone yesterday praised Turkey as a “wonderful place,” adding that he became a “Turkish nationalist” as soon as he stepped off the plane.
Stone, a former Oxford professor who has been teaching in Turkey for the last 10 years, said of Turkey’s political scene, “The thing is that the secularist Turks are asking for our support, and we should understand them when they say they don’t want women wearing bags on their heads!” He added, “Ataturk was a great man. He knew no society can become civilized unless it stops women wearing bags over their heads.”

Ill say that again.....

“Ataturk was a great man. He knew no society can become civilized unless it stops women wearing bags over their heads.”