Friday, 17 August 2007

Molluscum contagiosum - Another benefit of encrichment?

Molluscum Contagiosum -keep your children out of the water

This story seems to have slipped through the blogger net so I thought I should bring it to your attention. Read it, especially if you are a parent.

There is a nasty viral infection called molluscum contagiosum that is spreading like wildfire amoung our children and it is not very pleasant for those who are unfortunate enough to catch it.

First the good news. It will not kill you. Now the bad news. The disease is incurable and runs its course from between one to four years, then vanishes of its own accord.

The symptoms of the infection are unsightly spots all over the body which when they rupture, produce a thick white sticky substance which is highly contagious. The wound then heals up up, leaving small scars all over the child's body.

Molluscum can be passed directly - for example, touching the lesions - or indirectly, by sharing clothing, towels and flannels.

It can also be picked up in swimming pools.

Families with small children often share bath water and it can spread in this way.

"It spreads easily within families," says Professor Harper, whose own child has had the condition.

The incubation period from the time of initial contact until the spots appear is anything from two to eight weeks, so it's extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly when a child became infected.

Children with skin conditions such as eczema are more susceptible, probably because they tend to scratch the skin and pass on the infection.

Adults with a weak immune system, for example those receiving chemotherapy treatment, are more likely to develop persistent or intractable mollusca.

It can also be passed between adults through sexual contact, in which case the mollusca appear around the genital area

The article itself is quite long, but I urge you to read it, if only for the governments conclusion that it "is not a serious condition and probably not highly contagious in schools'.

But that is not the way leading paediatric dermatologist Professor John Harper sees things. He said, 'Molluscum is rampant, it's affecting most of our children and, to date, there is no specific antidote.'

I wonder who you believe?

And where did this wildfire viral infection originate? Well it is usually found in countries suffering from overcrowding and poor hygiene such as Pakistan and Somalia so I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Oh. A bit more bad news. Although it is unusual for adults to contract the disease, it does happen. The following images are of a young Pakistani woman. You can read the source article for them here, along with the replies of Doctors who give various suggestions for treatment.

Those with strong stomaches might care to click on images to enlarge them

The Doctor known as the British National Party would insist on all visitors from countries where this disease and others such as T.B. is prevalent would insist they be issued a medical certificates before travel and then medically examined on arrival in Our Country. Vote for the only caring Doctor in the country. The BNP.

By the way. If you want me to keep digging for information then I need a new shovel. Thanks for the start Cat and Co.


Celtic Morning. said...

OOOh,GA, you are naughty!!! Some people will find these pictures highly errotic and stimulating and I shouldnt be suprised if they end up plastered all over certain web sites favoured by assorted lib/lab/con/lefties.Couldnt you find one wearing firemans boots?Lovely, another disease a certain community can pass among themselves and try to cure by perhaps licking the infected areas!!! Must ask my friend Ron from Caerphilly if a badgers arse is just as tempting.Strangely, I think I'll skip breakfast this morning!!

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Celtic, it always a good start to the day when you drop in.

I try to find images that can really underline the post so people retain a mental image of the subject.

Sadly, the Donate button as become necessary as the Green Arrow is living on borrowed time since my machine finally died and I am using a loan one until the end of this month.

I must either find a job a bit rapid but not having any success. Who wants an old I.T. Manager? LOL.

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Anonymous said...

That's a nasty bum rash GA, yuk!!!
Ill be educating the kids tonight when I get home from work.

A few quid is in your account to keep you going GA. Cant have you closing up shop now, your blog is an essential tool for the repair of our country.


Anonymous said...

I have just been involved in a discussion on the 'your say' section of the Virgin media website about capital punishment.

The virgin media moderators or their filters have censored the initials of the British National Party (BNP).

I was posting under the alias of ‘Tony from Hampshire’ and all I said was the BNP are the only political party that want to bring back the death penalty. When I discovered they were deliberately censoring the initials of the BNP however I tried to post again, the below post is my response to their censorship. What is the wager they will block my reply post though?

“That’s interesting in my last post I put the initials of the British National party in brackets next to the party name as some people are more familiar with and know the party better by the initials.

The initials of the party however have been either deliberately censored by the moderators or the filters that are in place.

I am NOT a supporter, voter or member of the British National party, I am in fact a card carrying member of the Tory party, but I was under the impression this was a free country with freedom of speech and the British National party were and are a LEGAL and legitimate political party.

I may not agree with them any more then you do but this is a democracy and we should not censor people or the initials a party is know by just because we disagree with them.

To do so is very bad form and in my opinion the act of a fascist, the very thing the liberal left claim the British National party to be and also claim to abhor.”

Celtic Morning said...

Anonymous. Would you by any chance be the Tony who often gets items into the letters section of the Daily Mail? Think I may know you from the days of Countryside Alliance activity against the hunting ban.Time you left the dead beat party of Ca moron and transferred to the only group of patriots with the future of the British people at heart.You obviously know the initials.

Anonymous said...

If you Google image search Molluscum Contagiosum, and also remove the safe search you will get a bigger shock than GA's pictures gave you.
Adults get it too!!
Enjoy your tea.

The Green Arrow said...

Gosh but I am dumb Celtic. I just twigged about Ron. For those not in the know, Ron Davies was the Labour MP and a big wheel in the Welsh Assembly who was always being caught with his pants down in various positions and locations around the country with different men. He also said he had been mugged after a coloured friend relieved him of his wallet.

Tony will get onto that as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip.

All you good guys. A big thanks. On target for machine independance by end of month. The delays in postings and comments by me are caused by not having the use of my loan machine. The owner is very, very patient.

Thanks again

Celtic Morning said...

GA. The lovely Ron also beat his wife and always claimed he was just " watching badgers" when caught wandering, cock in hand,in the woodland car parks on his safari missions.Bad enough for poor old Billy Brock to be carrying tb without having the lovely Ron sniffing around his forbidden areas!! The lovely Ron was unfortunate enough to be caught out early on in Toni Blairs ten years of misrule. If he had managed to commit his sexual crimes a year or two later nothing would have been said because New Labour had, by then, forced almost all of Britain to accept homosexuals as almost normal people and given them more rights than they could have imagined in their wildest dreams. Re molluscum infectiosis or whatever its called, I think I'd prefer to have leprosy. When will our uninvited guests bring that in to Britain for our benefit? We'll soon be needing missionaries to take care of us at this rate.

Felicity said...

Celtic Morning I am cursed with a vivid imagination, thanks to you i can see that pervert wandering the woods with that thing in his hand searching for badgers.
I want you to know you have ruined my night!
No amount of chocolate cake is going to allow me to enjoy CSI the Shield or any of my fave Friday night shows!

Celtic Morning said...

Felicity, when the story broke re "Ron, the badger man" he was just about to become leader of the Welsh assembly and I was in the local newspaper shop where a certain tv personality,another luvvie was saying how sorry she felt for the perv. I usually mind my own business being shy and retiring but I just let her have my opinion and it broguht the place to a standstill, she was very shocked. Being a chat show hostess on our channel S4C she was used to having her say with no interuptions. Wales has been shamed and humiliated many times by its politicians but that time we almost had our first ever First Minister installed, a raving pervert of the worse kind.He was exposed ( to the press that is ) just in time.Over the years I have taken great delight in shaming him as often as possible.But he has no shame and tried(and failed) to get back into the Welsh Assembly at the recent elections. When the miners were on strike he was MP for the mining area of caerphilly but was too busy bothering badgers, putting their welfare above that of the miners. We eventually all found out that poor old Billy Brock was just his cover for woodland trysts of the vilest kind. It had long been rumoured, eventually we had the proof. Great day.Enjoy your chocolate cake. Ron does !!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Islamophobic videorant from Pat Condell. Watch it before it's banned!