Monday, 27 August 2007

The RWB and the Notting Hill Carnival

Did you see that float? No but someone has stolen my purse.

Remember the fuss over the RWB, when all Tri-Axis parties were trying to prevent the British National Party from holding its annual Red White and Blue festival on the grounds that it would incite violence and the cost of policing it?

And didn't they crow afterwards when reports of a violent skirmish surfaced after the event. If you were there, you remember the disgusting scene at the Punch and Judy show, when Mr Policeman was wacking every one over the head and then to make it worse Mr Crocodile started. Horrendous. No wonder they want these White Cultural events banned.

So thank heavens that today, they can show us how to celebrate in a real ethnic, grown up style. Today is the Notting Hill Carnivals Adults' Day. Sunday's kick of was Childrens' Day and as expected it was a riotous but peaceful day with only 41 arrests and only two of those were for attempted murder. Compare those arrests to the sky high 0 arrests at the wicked Red White and Blue.

Recognising that the Childrens' Day would be a gentler affair then todays bash, Police only needed 11,000 Police officers to make sure none of the children got lost. I am curious as to where those 11,000 officers came from and who is paying their wages but never mind the cost. Whitey will pay. Just as he pays for everything. Money, blood and Country. Our Country.

The Police, who have said they are determined to stamp out drug dealing and gang violence at the event also arrested 21 people ahead of the Carnival in an Operation called Razorback. It seems that rival ethnic gangs have been threatening to blow each other away should they meet on the street. Pity the police hadn't been so prompt in arresting the Punch and Judy man at the RWB, then all that violence that tarnished the name of the British National Party could have been avoided.

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