Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Welsh Labour Party - Unfit for purpose

New Labour - Same old fascist boneheads

But you already knew that. But now it is really starting to sink into those sick, thick Labour skulls wasting taxpayer's money in the jobs for the boyo's, Welsh Assembly.

Former Labour waste of space, Deputy Minister, AM Huw Lewis, peeved at losing some of his tax payers gravy when he lost his job when the Welsh Labour Party spat in the face of the voters and done a shady deal with Plaid Islam has produced a report showing how the Labour vote is collapsing in Wales. Apparently although not fit for purpose for his previous job, he sees himself fit for purpose in saving Labour and by all accounts the known universe.

I contend that the only way to do this will require the remaking of Welsh Labour from top to bottom, as presently organised it is simply not fit for the purpose of winning Assembly election as evidenced by the deeply worrying and disappointing result in May.

Go read it and laugh your little cotton socks off.

But Huw is not the first to admit that the Labour Party in Wales is run by self seeking , inept morons. You can read more of that here.

There is now only one political party in Wales that actually cares about the Welsh People and the Welsh Workers and would put them first. Who do you think that might be? Correct. The British National Party. Join the family. Join the BNP.

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