Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Labour Candidates are crap - Official

No one doubts that there might have been one or two less than able BNP candidates in the recent elections. But when you take into account that the party is growing so fast, that is not surprising. Overall, the British National Party candidates done a great job and we have every right to be proud of both them and the activists who campaigned for them.

But what is Labours excuse for the rubbish they tried to foist on the people of Wales? So bad were their candidates, that the Welsh Labour Grassroots groups is demanding a change to their selection procedures.

Rubbish candidates, corrupt candidate, pervert candidates. Labour as them all. Top that with their betrayal policies and there is only one future for Labour in Wales. Well actually I am wrong. They have no future. They are in decline, even their support from the imported turnips is waning.

Blaenau Gwent showed the way in breaking the "I vote Labour because my father did." mould and the BNP is on the rise. Just as well. They are the only political party made up of real people who wish to serve. Unlike the Tri-Axis and Plaid party whose candidates just wish to get their snouts into the increasingly abused public trough of money.

Conservatives? Well if the non selection of anyone for the coming Swansea by-election is anything to go by, they are even dumber than the Labour Party.

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