Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Malaysia - Muslims paid to make religious conversions

The future of Christianity under Islam

The establishment press would have us believe that Malaysia is a moderate Muslim country. But you and I know that nothing could be further from the truth. They are sliding into the Abyss and non Muslims are paying the price.

As the cancer of Islam has spread throughout that doomed land, so has the violence and intimidation towards non turnips increased.

That sick, sick land has now approved stiffer penalties and has passed laws stating that anyone found guilty of trying to convert Muslims will face six lashes, five years in prison and a fine of us$ 3,000. Sounds fairly moderate to me. Elsewhere, the cult usually just beheads you and as done with it.

In an effort to keep the Mad Moslems happy, they have also passed a law giving a cash bonus of US$ 2,700 with a US$ pension of 270 a month, free housing and a car if they marry and convert one of Malaysia indigenous population to Islam.

And yet the Tri-Axis parties still peddle the same old rubbish that Islam is a religion of peace and point to Malaysia as a shining example of a secular society.

If you want the truth and you think you can handle the truth, then get aboard the British National Party express and take your seat with the rest of the True Brits riding the BNP train to a better future.

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shut the fuck up, stupid liar.