Monday, 22 October 2007


Solidarity is raising funds for a legal action. The following has just been posted on their website (


Many of you will have heard of the Mark Walker case. He is a teacher at the Sunnydale Community College in Shildon, County Durham. He is 36, a former RAF weapons technician, a popular Design and Technology Teacher, a husband and father. He and his family have now been hit by a body-blow!

He has been suspended from his job since March, allegedly due to misusing school computers whilst at work, but our Union believes his real "crime" was standing as a candidate for the British National Party. Mark has fallen foul of political correctness.

Our Trades Union Solidarity welcomes all members whatever their political background and takes a hard line against political discrimination. Freedom of Association and Expression and the right to earn a livelihood, regardless of political affiliation, are things we value. Our Union is vigourously defending Brother Mark.

Beyond all the pickets, petitions and letters condemning this persecution it looks likely that the Union will have to support and fund legal action to protect Mark's rights.

How can you help?

Well if you believe in Free Speech, Freedom of Association and a mans (or woman’s) democratic right to a livelihood then please send a donation.

We all know that Legal costs can run into many thousands of pounds and there is no guarantee of success but we believe that injustice must be challenged.

Do you wish those opposed to freedom to win without even a fight?

Trade Unions supporting New Labour have already been given the green light to ban membership from individuals belonging to parties they don't like. This was one of the reasons for the formation of Solidarity; to enable workers to protect their employment rights without fear of discrimination on grounds of political belief.

This time we need to do our utmost to protect Mark.

We urge you to send as much as you can afford. If you are a member of an association ask your local Branch to send a small donation. Consider making a collection and sending it in. Our website will chart the its progress. Please help us to protect you. One day they might come for you. Let us take the battle for freedom and democratic rights to them, first!

Use the PayPal link on their page to contribute by credit or debit card or send your donation by post to: Solidarity Trade Union , PO Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN.

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