Thursday, 25 October 2007


There is only one political party now, that can save not just the wildlife but also Our Children's future and that is the British National Party. If you have any pride or respect, you must join them in the struggle to keep Our Country in trust for Our Children. You can sign up here.


Anonymous said...

- typical BBC bias by omission. The supply of new homes is insufficient. But there's no mention of where the freaking demand is coming from.

There's a much cheaper way of solving this problem:

1) Strictly managed immigration.

2) Mass deportation of illegals.

3) Deportation of entire extended families of terrorists and terrorist sympathisers.

4) Ban cousin marriage to disrupt the breeding habits of you-know-who.

5) Punitive taxes on second homes in designated areas.

The Green Arrow said...

Rest assured anon. That is what the BNP will do. Also DNA testing to ensure that people who have came to to our country claiming to be family are really family. If not deportation for them and their descendants if any.

bernard said...

Just a thought,... for those reading your blog... they are already converts to the cause; so you are in fact preaching to the converted when you say "join us" etc.etc.
A far better tactic would be to visit other 'non-aligned' political blog sites, and post on their comments section.
Just make simple points like:
"I enjoyed your reading your article but noticed that Nick Griffin has a much better take on your analysis of the situation". Things like that.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Bernard. A good point and one that I have thought about.

This blogs serves a dual role. First to encourage the BNP activists and supporters to show them they are not alone.

The second purpose is to help recruit new members. This site receives on average 82 visits per day from first time visitors. Some of them go on to become members or supporters so if I can point just one a week in the right direction, I am doing my job.

I also visit dozens of enemy sites and leave comments and I also monitor when they check back on the links I leave. I may make some think again or I may enrage them. Both reactions are a result to me.

Thanks for the comment.