Sunday, 21 October 2007

Germany had better wake up fast

They are quite clear about their aims. We should be clear in our aim.

Over in Kosovo, the Serbian land that we handed over illegally to the Moslems, the number of moon bats has increased from 45% of the population to now making up over 90%. At the end of the 2nd World War, when Serbia bravely fought for us, the population was less than 10%. Churches are now burned to the ground and the remaining Christians murdered on an almost daily basis.

History has shown that the normal pattern for the colonisation and transformation of a country into a Muslim land under Sharia law follows the same, well tested plan.

When they make up around 10% of the population the turnips become more vocal. They are entrenched in their enclaves of the host country and can now start to expand by driving out the surrounding, indigenous population by intimidation and violence. Their demands become more threatening.

At around 40% of the population they now feel strong enough to reveal their real aim of complete domination of the host country by increased threats and acts of terror, whilst increasing further their demands for change of culture or else.

When their numbers have risen to around 50% by either immigration, both legal, illegal and massive breeding programs they are into the final stage for the enslavement of the true owners of the land. By both democratic means and acts of terror the two pronged attack continues, until like Kosovo they have either exterminated the non believers or forced them into a life of servitude as Dhimmi Slaves.

Here in Our Country, their numbers are increasing rapidly and soon we will be entering the 2nd stage of their conquest of Our Land. Only the British National Party has the courage to face up to this truth and foil their plans. Only you can help them achieve a future for your children.

Meanwhile, the same plan is being followed all over Western Europe and our Dhimmi leaders convince themselves that they can control the host from hell. Some of them will only learn the truth as their heads are being removed from their bodies. I have no objections to that but they will take us with them if we let them.

In Germany the Moslems are now flaunting their power by announcing plans to double the number of Mosques in just two years. But these are not ordinary mosques. They are Mosques aimed at showing the power and dominance of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. And where is the money for these symbols of oppression to come from? You know. The Center of Hell itself. Saudi Arabia.
"We are talking here about buildings with a dome and a minaret, which are clearly recognizable from the outside, and not the 2,600 prayer areas housed in various buildings throughout the country,"
However there is some resistance to the moon bats plans to build the biggest mosque in Europe in Cologne. Let us hope that the resistance prevails.

The truth is, we can never co-exist with this cult of madmen. The followers of this cult, like the followers of all cults are totally brainwashed by their leaders. The only solutions are complete segregation, death or slavery.


Ruminater said...

Not on topic Green Arrow but I've been hearing that Garside is moving to bring down Ossowski at LUAF after his latest cock up. Any news?

The Green Arrow said...

Sorry Ruminator. No information. If you learn anything could you please post. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing this for a couple of days. Its something to do with Fister being outed as Steve Thompson and diagreements about what goes on there sites.

Anonymous said...

DG didn't have the TC dinner story on her site. Is that something to do with it?

Anonymous said...

DG didn't have the TC dinner story on her site. Is that something to do with it?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Great three posts GA as you can see from my site we have been busy asking questions of the mad cult in Aberdeen. To think when I was a kid you would not see a Burka in my city. Now they have infiltrated our churches.
I will soon have to take a step back from blogging and throw myself into street pounding as the way to save our nation. I will still post but just not as much... Just another side issue..

Tesco in Aberdeen are not doing Poppies. We want to make a big deal of them not aknowledging our war dead. They are scum... is this a UK wide thing or just Aberdeen.

rosie said...


I suggest that the analogy of Britain and Serbia is truer than many would like to believe.
We are already watching enclaves in our country demand sharia.
Could i just use this column to correct a great untruth regarding the war against the Serbs which actually links in with your excellent summary about how muslims are moving forward to a worldwide caliphate.
The myth of Sebrenica.
Far from being a massacre of innocent men it was the cleaning out of a UN protected islamic military base. That is why it was full of armed men. These islamic 'terrorists' - for they were no more than that - had waged a campaign of brutal genocide against the serb families who lived widely around the town. Many farming families. They had viciously murdered the old the young, men and women. Often beheading their victims. This was an example of the real ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Balkans. Naturally ignored by the western newsmedia under the direction of the political elite.
Anything done to the real thugs in Sebrenica by the Serbs was done in anger and retribution against a pack of murderous thugs who were guilty of mass murder.
As always the muslims portrayed as 'victims. Sickening.
Already in this country we are watching so-called random brutal slaying of the white population by muslims. The Serbs can tell you how bad its going to get. They know.

gatesofvienna said...

Great post Rosie fully agree with you. What happened to Yugoslavia was a practise run!
Two years ago when i saw Clinton with his head bowed in front of an American dollar backed monument to Al-Qaeda built in a small Serbian village my interest grew.
Then to hear a Canadian MP involved at the time in the NATO attack on the Christian Serbs, when asked about "The concentration camps did they exist" his reply was " like the WMDs did in IRAQ"
ITVs chicken wire and souped up reports fed us all yet another LIE!
Saudi wahhabis benefit from every warlike act commited by the west.
Making me believe our governing elite in the West sold their souls to the devil long ago.
Saudi petro dollars are paying for the islamnisation of our countries while our dhimmi politicians look on.
Join the resistance while we still can resist!