Friday, 5 October 2007

Shepshed (Leics CC) By-election Oct 4th

Well done to Julia Green and the activists in yesterdays by-election and what another fantastic result for the British National Party.

  • Labour 1217
  • Tories 1074
  • Lib Dem 933
  • BNP 807 (20%)
turnout 37%

Now forget the celebrations for a second. The hard truth is, the BNP could have won this election.

Although several leaflets were distributed, there were no reports of canvassing being carried out. Political research has shown that canvassing can increase a political parties share of the vote by up to 50% and that would have won it for us. Canvassing is not an option it is an absolute obligation.

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that no matter how well we do in any election, it will never be enough to pip Labour to the post. This has nothing to do with the ammount of votes cast, but more to do with the crippling corruption which pervades every facet of British political life. When the masters decide the good old British public are getting restless, we will then see a "new" party take over, new Tories or nu Labour or something else like that,
but nothing that represents the people or threatens the staus quo of ripping off the taxpayer. I dont know what the way forward is, but just "taking part" in elections, however worthwhile, is totally unrealistic to attaining power. . The criminal cartels, the bankers and the treasonous have far too much to lose by ever playing fair.