Friday, 19 October 2007

Will work for food

This is what the global capitalists want from the British Workers

It is not often that I refer to the Guardian in any shape or form. But there is an article in it today that anyone still in "real" full time employment should read and consider.

It refers to the slow death of the Real Job. It seems, that a million or more people are now paid on a temporary basis and under appalling conditions that will only get worse as other business follow the trend to increase their profits.

Because of the swamping of our jobs market and the outsourcing of work to India and other Countries, there has been a downward pull on wages in nearly all areas of work. Which is only good for businesses. Not Society and certainly not the True British Workers.

On the ground, however, alarming evidence is mounting up. A few months ago I spoke to a manufacturing employee from the West Midlands who works in a factory producing car parts. Three years ago, his bosses began the mass recruitment of a new kind of worker. A dwindling number of long-standing staff were on £11 an hour; the new arrivals - many of whom barely knew what they were doing - worked 12-hour days for £4 an hour less, had none of the usual entitlements to paid holidays or sick leave, and were seemingly arriving and leaving through a revolving door. Within 18 months, for every "core" worker, there were two supplied by agencies, many of whom were from Poland, Cameroon or Senegal. The walls were quickly smattered with racist graffiti and the level of scrap increased fast. Under union pressure, the company relented and proposed a scheme whereby long-standing agency workers could eventually join the accredited workforce, and, in its wake, the rancorous atmosphere began to improve.
But the fact that one factory learned its lesson is neither here nor there. There are now cases of people working whilst ill because the new schemes do not involve sick pay.

Meat processing workers threatened with redundancy unless they downgrade to agency terms.

Agency street cleaners who must show up at dawn each to see if they are required to work.

And this is not happening in just the private sector but also the public sector, so for all those smug liberals who think they are safe with their inflation proof pensions. Dream on. Your home is now as at much risk as the suffering worker grubbing for work just to survive.

The British National Party is now the only political party that genuinely speaks out for British Workers and have been warning about the effects and job losses, the enrichment of Our Country would bring for decades. Only now are the people listening.

When the election finally arrives, beware. Given its talent for issuing leaflets that read more like Socialist Worker than Mein Kampf, the British National Party is making hay with the issue of casual labour, as I was recently reminded while reading The Triumph of the Political Class, a new book by the Mail columnist Peter Oborne. An elegant tirade against a cross-party cabal either in thrall to vested interests or so lost in the woods of electoral arithmetic that the stuff of real lives scares them, one of its most sobering sections deals with the rise of the BNP "in Barking, Dagenham, Dewsbury, Leeds and Burnley" and its place in what he sees as an "insurgency against the political class".
Well apart from the bit about Mein Kampf, the writer does a fairly decent job of pointing out the fact that uncontrolled capitalism can be a deadly curse. Like everything in life, you need a counterweight to balance things out and in the U.K., the BNP is waiting to become the balance that restores equality to the British Workers.

"The estrangement between a tiny governing elite and mainstream British society is one of the overwhelming themes of our age, and will only get more desperate, and more dangerous,"
Why not go read the full article here.

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that you and I green both know this is EXACTLY the sort of thing Dawn (Poll Tax ? MP's Don't Pay POLL Tax) Primarolo SAID her IR35 measures were supposed to curb.

Whereas you and I know they actually put home grown businessmen on the dole while farming our jobs out to Indian Software Houses and Indians shipped in under dodgy Fast Tracked Visas each paperclipped to buckets of ruppees supplied by the hindoojah brothers.

But it might be worth asking a few of the diehard supporters of the 1999 Assassination Of British Business Bill how come the things they sought to curb are alive and well and still throwing full time employees onto the dole.